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I want to show only the date, I try like this;


this is are C# properties:

public JsonResult GetDiarySummary(double start, double end, string Title)
            var ApptListForDate = DiaryEvent.LoadAppointmentSummaryInDateRange(start, end, Title);
            var eventList = from e in ApptListForDate
                            select new
                                id = e.ID,
                                title = e.Title,
                                appointmentLength = e.AppointmentLength,
                                start = e.StartDateString.FormatWith("MM/dd/yy"),
                                scheduledTime = e.StartDateString,
                                end = e.EndDateString,
                                someKey = e.SomeImportantKeyID,
                                allDay = false
            var rows = eventList.ToArray();
            return Json(rows, JsonRequestBehavior.AllowGet);
Updated 30-Jan-15 9:05am
ZurdoDev 30-Jan-15 13:48pm    
.toString() in JavaScript, as I recall, does not support passing date format strings.
Anurag Gandhi 30-Jan-15 13:57pm    
Are you looking for removing time part from DateTime string?
.val() returns string, not date varialbe. so, you are applying toString on string variable.
Try something like:
value.replace(/\d{1,2}:\d{2}(AM|PM)/ig, '');
to remove time part.
[no name] 30-Jan-15 14:04pm    
Thank you, but like this:

$("#popupEventForm").find("form").find("#eventDate").val(calEvent.start).replaceWith(/\d{1,2}:\d{2}(AM|PM)/ig, '');

because: value.replace doesnt exist
Sinisa Hajnal 31-Jan-15 2:40am    
Use moment.js, Date.js or some other library that enables you to format dates.
[no name] 31-Jan-15 6:45am    
Ok, thank you

1 solution

I solved, like this:

rec.StartDateString = item.DateTimeScheduled.ToString("MMMM/dd/yyyy");
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