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I have created a form in classic ASP.
In that there are two textboxes (professional user & selfservicse user) and a button (license history).

The entered values of professional user & selfservicse user are stored in a table "csp_license_details" in database.

When the button "license history" is clicked, a popup should appear which contain the history of license details.This button will display only when the edit button is clicked.

For Ex:
If the user entered professional user as 12 and selfservice user as 15 at first time and click the submit button means that value should store in DB.

Next time if the user click the edit button and changed the license values into 10 and 20 means that value also stored in the DB.

when the user clicks the licensedetails button the a popup will display which shows like
professional user-12 and selfservice user-15 (i.e) the old values.

But the problem is , the license values are stored each and every time when the edit button is clicked.

Even i didn't change the license values , the same values are stored stored again and again as i click the edit button.

My Code :

Professional users* :
<td valign="top"><input name="professional_user" type="text" id="professional_user" style="width:120px" value="<%=professional_user%>" maxlength="50" class="content1"></td>

Selfservice users*
<td valign="top"><span style="font-weight: bold">:</span></td>
									<td valign="top"><input name="slf_svr_user" type="text" id="slf_svr_user" style="width:120px" value="<%=slf_svr_user%>" maxlength="50" onkeypress="Displaytotal()" class="content1"></td>

<%if rmode=2 and isnull(professional_user)= false and isnull(slf_svr_user)= false then %>
	         <td align="center" colspan="3">
			<input type="submit" name="submit" value="license details" id="submit"		onclick="licensepopup()"></td>
	<%end if%>   


		if request.Form("professional_user")<>"" then
		DSQL="Insert into csp_license_details(lic_val,updated_on) values('" & request.Form("professional_user") & "','" & now & "')"
		end if
		if request.Form("slf_svr_user")<>"" then
		DSQL="Insert into csp_license_details(lic_val,updated_on) values('" & request.Form("slf_svr_user") & "','" & now & "') & "')"
		end if</blockquote>

Plz help ASAP..:)

Thanks in advance
Updated 19-Feb-15 16:40pm

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