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I am wanting to show a CMFCButton in a pressed state along the lines of this post here:
CMFCButtons - does anyone really use these?

I have a similar motivation for using them (image and tooltip support out of the can), but also want to show this 'pressed' state, similar to how in the way that a CButton checkbox (ie ICheckEditor in designer, BS_AUTOCHECKBOX) can be turned into a pushbutton using the 'Push Like' attribute in designer (BS_PUSHLIKE).

It seems that using the base class method

does not make it appear pressed like it would if using a regular CButton.

I have also tried using the CMFCButton::SetCheckedImage() method, but can't seem to make the appearance change.

Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks.
Kyudos 23-Nov-15 19:14pm    
Did you figure this out? I have the same issue...
...OK I Found the sample that shows how :)
DavidCarr 4-Dec-15 21:05pm    
Pls post the link here to the sample that shows how for others.

1 solution

This problem was resolved.

I had created a button in the dialog and was trying to just set it up as a CMFCButton. This means that in the Resource Editor, this appears as a 'IDC_MYCONTROL (Button Control) IButtonEditor' (as shown in the top DDL in the Properties pane). It was appearing in the RC as:
PUSHBUTTON      "My Caption",IDC_MYCONTROL,7,100,54,14

What needs to happen is to delete the button from the dialog, and drag on a checkbox control from the toolbox, appearing as a 'IDC_MYCONTROL (Check-box Control) ICheckEditor' in the Properties pane. Then set the 'Appearance | Push Like' attribute to True. Within the code, this can now be set up as a CMFCButton with the corresponding BEGIN_MESSAGE_MAP entry and DoDataExchange():
DDX_Control(pDX, IDC_MYCONTROL, m_chkMFCButton);

In terms of the RC, it now appears as:

Last but not least, it is now possible to have 6 images represent the single CMFCButton if you want it to be image based:

where the latter function defines the appearance of the button when checked/pushed in for normal, hot, and disabled. As well, the base class CButton::SetCheck() works.

Sorry I didn't reply faster Kyudos.
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