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Survey period: 24 Jun 2013 to 1 Jul 2013

Do you have difficulty getting rid of unused or obsolete code? (Suggested by Andreas Gieriet)

inactive code can be useful in the future, so I comment it out instead of removing46340.51
Inactive code clutters up active code, so I remove it instead of simply commenting it out68059.49

GeneralInactive code clutters up active code, so I remove it instead of simply commenting it out Pin
SOHAM_GANDHI4-Feb-14 23:39
SOHAM_GANDHI4-Feb-14 23:39 
Generalno comment please Pin
Philip Stuyck29-Jun-13 3:26
Philip Stuyck29-Jun-13 3:26 
GeneralRe: no comment please Pin
w-peuker1-Jul-13 1:16
w-peuker1-Jul-13 1:16 
GeneralIf you commit commented out code, please tell why it's commented out... Pin
Andreas Gieriet27-Jun-13 11:18
professionalAndreas Gieriet27-Jun-13 11:18 
GeneralComment, wait, delete PinPopular
Giuseppe Tollini26-Jun-13 12:31
Giuseppe Tollini26-Jun-13 12:31 
I use this strategy sometimes.
Commented writing date of comment.
waited to 1-2 week to see if all work as expected.
After that time passed I'm pretty sure the commented code is not anymore useful for reference nor for reverting so I delete.

Anyway code is versioned so deleting is no big deal but having it commented for some time it's kinda practical
General+1 Pin
imagiro26-Jun-13 21:40
imagiro26-Jun-13 21:40 
GeneralRe: Comment, wait, forget Pin
Doofenshmirtz27-Jun-13 5:04
Doofenshmirtz27-Jun-13 5:04 
GeneralCoincidence Pin
Colin Mullikin26-Jun-13 6:52
professionalColin Mullikin26-Jun-13 6:52 
GeneralDead Apps Pin
Mycroft Holmes25-Jun-13 20:46
professionalMycroft Holmes25-Jun-13 20:46 
GeneralI comment out code and add a comment Pin
Gabbie Seal25-Jun-13 19:32
professionalGabbie Seal25-Jun-13 19:32 
GeneralRe: I comment out code and add a comment Pin
AlexCode26-Jun-13 22:03
professionalAlexCode26-Jun-13 22:03 
GeneralDeprecated, then removed, and always under source control PinPopular
Marc Clifton25-Jun-13 14:21
mvaMarc Clifton25-Jun-13 14:21 
GeneralRe: Deprecated, then removed, and always under source control Pin
the retired25-Jun-13 15:15
the retired25-Jun-13 15:15 
GeneralFew people in programming give me more pleasure than... Pin
tec-goblin25-Jun-13 9:35
tec-goblin25-Jun-13 9:35 
GeneralIF I comment Pin
Joezer BH25-Jun-13 5:58
professionalJoezer BH25-Jun-13 5:58 
GeneralRe: IF I comment Pin
AlexCode26-Jun-13 22:09
professionalAlexCode26-Jun-13 22:09 
GeneralRe: IF I comment Pin
Joezer BH26-Jun-13 23:28
professionalJoezer BH26-Jun-13 23:28 
GeneralTwo words Pin
dan!sh 25-Jun-13 0:04
professional dan!sh 25-Jun-13 0:04 
GeneralRe: Two words Pin
Dennis E White25-Jun-13 21:30
professionalDennis E White25-Jun-13 21:30 
GeneralGot Git? Pin
Deus ex Machina24-Jun-13 14:07
Deus ex Machina24-Jun-13 14:07 
GeneralRe: Got Git? Pin
Marc Clifton25-Jun-13 14:25
mvaMarc Clifton25-Jun-13 14:25 
GeneralRe: Got Git? Pin
Deus ex Machina26-Jun-13 7:22
Deus ex Machina26-Jun-13 7:22 
GeneralRe: Got Git? Pin
Marc Clifton26-Jun-13 8:21
mvaMarc Clifton26-Jun-13 8:21 
GeneralRe: Got Git? Pin
AlexCode26-Jun-13 23:14
professionalAlexCode26-Jun-13 23:14 
GeneralBoth! Pin
DaveAuld24-Jun-13 5:50
professionalDaveAuld24-Jun-13 5:50 

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