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Survey Results

What book taught you most about being a good programmer?

Survey period: 8 Jul 2013 to 15 Jul 2013

A totally open ended question this week. Please just enter the full title of the book, and post any explanatory comments in the survey's discussion forum.

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GeneralRe: Some Java book Pin
Amir Mohammad Nasrollahi26-Jul-13 6:38
professionalAmir Mohammad Nasrollahi26-Jul-13 6:38 
GeneralBest Tech sites for articles and Technology related news Pin
Mohammed Hameed8-Jul-13 18:34
professionalMohammed Hameed8-Jul-13 18:34 
GeneralAssembly reference books Pin
S Houghtelin8-Jul-13 14:07
professionalS Houghtelin8-Jul-13 14:07 
GeneralTry, Fail and... try again... Pin
AlexCode8-Jul-13 12:22
professionalAlexCode8-Jul-13 12:22 
GeneralChris Maunder's Programmer's Guide to Weekly Poll Questions Pin
MacSpudster8-Jul-13 9:43
professionalMacSpudster8-Jul-13 9:43 
GeneralThe Pragmatic Programmer Pin
CHill608-Jul-13 8:30
mveCHill608-Jul-13 8:30 
GeneralThe Career Programmer Pin
VDabnishka8-Jul-13 6:14
VDabnishka8-Jul-13 6:14 
GeneralProblems with survey results Pin
Ravi Bhavnani8-Jul-13 6:01
professionalRavi Bhavnani8-Jul-13 6:01 
  • Sorting by frequency of occurrence isn't very useful.  It appears a search for an exact title match is being done.  As a result, the count for Niklaus Wirth's "Algorithms + Data Structures = Programs" is incorrect.
  • The word "occurrence" is mispelled.
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GeneralThe C programming language Pin
gervacleto8-Jul-13 5:48
professionalgervacleto8-Jul-13 5:48 
AnswerRe: The C programming language Pin
Tom Clement8-Jul-13 9:08
professionalTom Clement8-Jul-13 9:08 
GeneralRe: The C programming language Pin
gervacleto8-Jul-13 10:18
professionalgervacleto8-Jul-13 10:18 
GeneralRe: The C programming language Pin
Tom Clement8-Jul-13 15:18
professionalTom Clement8-Jul-13 15:18 
GeneralRe: The C programming language Pin
gervacleto9-Jul-13 2:01
professionalgervacleto9-Jul-13 2:01 
GeneralRe: The C programming language Pin
Richard MacCutchan9-Jul-13 3:47
mveRichard MacCutchan9-Jul-13 3:47 
GeneralAlgorithms + Data structures = Programs Pin
OriginalGriff8-Jul-13 5:45
mvaOriginalGriff8-Jul-13 5:45 
GeneralCode Craft Pin
Andreas Gieriet8-Jul-13 4:11
professionalAndreas Gieriet8-Jul-13 4:11 
GeneralCode Complete PinPopular
Jeffrey T. Fritz8-Jul-13 3:56
sponsorJeffrey T. Fritz8-Jul-13 3:56 
GeneralRe: Code Complete Pin
Jahmal238-Jul-13 4:15
Jahmal238-Jul-13 4:15 
GeneralRe: Code Complete Pin
Tim Groven8-Jul-13 6:18
Tim Groven8-Jul-13 6:18 
GeneralRe: Code Complete Pin
1.21 Gigawatts9-Jul-13 21:00
1.21 Gigawatts9-Jul-13 21:00 
GeneralRe: Code Complete Pin
Vassilis Tsolekas2-Sep-14 10:09
Vassilis Tsolekas2-Sep-14 10:09 
GeneralThere was no particular book Pin
Gregory Gadow8-Jul-13 3:47
Gregory Gadow8-Jul-13 3:47 
GeneralCodeProject and Google Pin
Nelek8-Jul-13 3:29
protectorNelek8-Jul-13 3:29 
GeneralA long time ago, Pin
Jochen Arndt8-Jul-13 2:09
professionalJochen Arndt8-Jul-13 2:09 
Generalmaybe not book but author? Pin
Irina Pykhova8-Jul-13 1:34
professionalIrina Pykhova8-Jul-13 1:34 

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