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What book taught you most about being a good programmer?

Survey period: 8 Jul 2013 to 15 Jul 2013

A totally open ended question this week. Please just enter the full title of the book, and post any explanatory comments in the survey's discussion forum.

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GeneralError......Slove.....Learn....Practice..... Pin
JasminHan16-Jul-13 22:03
professionalJasminHan16-Jul-13 22:03 
GeneralRe: Error......Slove.....Learn....Practice..... Pin
Amir Mohammad Nasrollahi26-Jul-13 6:37
professionalAmir Mohammad Nasrollahi26-Jul-13 6:37 
Generalc++ books Pin
akash jaggi14-Jul-13 5:21
akash jaggi14-Jul-13 5:21 
GeneralObviously - The Bible Pin
Joezer BH13-Jul-13 21:01
professionalJoezer BH13-Jul-13 21:01 
GeneralRe: Obviously - The Bible Pin
Ron Anders14-Jul-13 1:42
Ron Anders14-Jul-13 1:42 
General"Principles of Programming Languages, Second Edition", 1987, Bruce J. MacLennan Pin
PIEBALDconsult13-Jul-13 16:34
mvePIEBALDconsult13-Jul-13 16:34 
GeneralI didn't read any book at all Pin
Anurag Gandhi12-Jul-13 2:23
professionalAnurag Gandhi12-Jul-13 2:23 
GeneralRe: I didn't read any book at all Pin
n.podbielski13-Jul-13 5:46
n.podbielski13-Jul-13 5:46 
GeneralThe book that taught me the most... Pin
Brisingr Aerowing11-Jul-13 10:31
professionalBrisingr Aerowing11-Jul-13 10:31 
GeneralTitle and author unknown Pin
Phil J Pearson10-Jul-13 3:51
Phil J Pearson10-Jul-13 3:51 
A long time ago (but not in a galaxy far away) I bought a C cross-compiler from a small company in Newcastle, in the north-east of England. I travelled up there (about a 4 hour drive each way) and spent a couple of hours while they demonstrated their products and I decided what to buy. I left with the software (on a few 5.25" floppy disks) and a few A5 ring binders with the manuals. The C compiler ran on an 8085-based Microprocessor Development System and targeted code for an 8080-based custom controller that I had built myself.

Among the manuals was a rudimentary C language reference which included a few pages of what we would now call a Style Guide. That included a sentence that, even after all these years, I can almost remember word for word: "Nothing in this section affects the way the program works and you don't have to follow any of these rules but these high-handed dicta have proved their worth time and again." Having never programmed in C before I followed the guidelines carefully and now (more than 30 years later) my coding style is still based on the same standards. I have changed little other than to add more rules in the same spirit (to suit C++ and C#) that I impose on myself with equal rigour. I subsequently discovered that some of the style in that guide is quite different from K&R and I still firmly believe that in those places K&R were wrong!

I often think about the unknown author of that guide and how much I owe to him or her. I lost those little black plastic binders a long time ago but I will never lose what their contents taught me. Thanks a million, whoever you are!

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GeneralC++ How To Program by Deitel & Deitel Pin
Lizandro Campbell9-Jul-13 19:51
professionalLizandro Campbell9-Jul-13 19:51 
GeneralABC, My first alphabet Pin
Giuseppe Tollini9-Jul-13 8:33
Giuseppe Tollini9-Jul-13 8:33 
GeneralRe: ABC, My first alphabet Pin
  Forogar  11-Jul-13 6:21
professional  Forogar  11-Jul-13 6:21 
GeneralMy list Pin
ed welch9-Jul-13 7:02
ed welch9-Jul-13 7:02 
General'The Art of Computer Programming' (aka TAOCP) by Donald Knuth Pin
DrABELL9-Jul-13 6:50
DrABELL9-Jul-13 6:50 
GeneralThe Java Tutorial by Mary Campione, Kathy Walrath and Alison Huml Pin
Richard MacCutchan9-Jul-13 4:36
mveRichard MacCutchan9-Jul-13 4:36 
GeneralSoftware Tools by Kernighan and Plauger Pin
mikepwilson9-Jul-13 4:20
mikepwilson9-Jul-13 4:20 
GeneralGood programmer Pin
crazie.coder8-Jul-13 22:58
professionalcrazie.coder8-Jul-13 22:58 
GeneralSome Java book Pin
meta_berkut8-Jul-13 22:18
meta_berkut8-Jul-13 22:18 
GeneralRe: Some Java book Pin
Amir Mohammad Nasrollahi26-Jul-13 6:38
professionalAmir Mohammad Nasrollahi26-Jul-13 6:38 
GeneralBest Tech sites for articles and Technology related news Pin
Mohammed Hameed8-Jul-13 18:34
professionalMohammed Hameed8-Jul-13 18:34 
GeneralAssembly reference books Pin
S Houghtelin8-Jul-13 14:07
professionalS Houghtelin8-Jul-13 14:07 
GeneralTry, Fail and... try again... Pin
AlexCode8-Jul-13 12:22
professionalAlexCode8-Jul-13 12:22 
GeneralChris Maunder's Programmer's Guide to Weekly Poll Questions Pin
MacSpudster8-Jul-13 9:43
professionalMacSpudster8-Jul-13 9:43 
GeneralThe Pragmatic Programmer Pin
CHill608-Jul-13 8:30
mveCHill608-Jul-13 8:30 

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