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Survey Results

What's easier to read: Code or Text?

Survey period: 14 Apr 2014 to 21 Apr 2014

Given a code sample and an accurate well-written textual description of the code, what's easier for you to read?

Depends on the code and the text1,30264.17

GeneralRe: Code does not lie... Pin
Kevin McFarlane14-Apr-14 6:33
Kevin McFarlane14-Apr-14 6:33 
GeneralDepends on the author. Pin
OriginalGriff13-Apr-14 21:05
mvaOriginalGriff13-Apr-14 21:05 
GeneralText Pin
Mohamad M. Mohamad13-Apr-14 21:04
Mohamad M. Mohamad13-Apr-14 21:04 
GeneralSilly question... Pin
Mehdi Gholam13-Apr-14 20:19
Mehdi Gholam13-Apr-14 20:19 
GeneralTechnical person always like to read code first. Pin
koolprasad200313-Apr-14 20:16
professionalkoolprasad200313-Apr-14 20:16 
GeneralRe: Technical person always like to read code first. Pin
DJ van Wyk13-Apr-14 20:41
professionalDJ van Wyk13-Apr-14 20:41 
GeneralRe: Technical person always like to read code first. Pin
Manoj Kumar Choubey14-Apr-14 1:18
professionalManoj Kumar Choubey14-Apr-14 1:18 
GeneralWhat does textual "description of the code" contains ? Pin
Davide Zaccanti13-Apr-14 19:40
Davide Zaccanti13-Apr-14 19:40 
In my opininon comments must contains explanation of algoritms and link to sources of information, link to KB and focus on theories, not dissertation on the code.

If you program you must understand flow, what you need is a quick presentation of choices taken and who is responsible for business rules.

So both must be read, or (I dont know your experience) MUST BE WRITTEN.

GeneralRe: What does textual "description of the code" contains ? Pin
Peter Leow13-Apr-14 19:59
professionalPeter Leow13-Apr-14 19:59 
GeneralLike this? Pin
thatraja13-Apr-14 21:06
professionalthatraja13-Apr-14 21:06 

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