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Survey Results

Do you feel Open Source software is better than proprietary software?

Survey period: 18 Aug 2014 to 25 Aug 2014

"It depends" is an obvious answer but think of your most common scenarios.

Yes, it's more reliable23814.34
Yes, it's more secure16610.00
Yes, it's cheaper (in terms of total cost)60936.69
Yes, it's fixed / updated more often38523.19
Yes, because we can fix / update / mod it ourselves70442.41
Yes, because there's more innovation in open source code43226.02
No (add your reasons in the comments section)52131.39
Respondents were allowed to choose more than one answer; totals may not add up to 100%

GeneralNo to open source being better. Pin
BillMillerGTC22-Aug-14 8:34
professionalBillMillerGTC22-Aug-14 8:34 
GeneralNo. Pin
Jörgen Andersson22-Aug-14 0:38
professionalJörgen Andersson22-Aug-14 0:38 
GeneralRe: No. Pin
Kevin McFarlane23-Aug-14 5:59
Kevin McFarlane23-Aug-14 5:59 
GeneralOpen Source is good Pin
Amol M Vaidya20-Aug-14 16:13
professionalAmol M Vaidya20-Aug-14 16:13 
GeneralNo. Licensing issues. Pin
Valery Possoz20-Aug-14 10:04
professionalValery Possoz20-Aug-14 10:04 
AnswerRe: No. Licensing issues. Pin
Shivam Sharma22-Aug-14 1:11
Shivam Sharma22-Aug-14 1:11 
GeneralOften stated and yet mostly overlooked... Pin
Paul M Watt20-Aug-14 7:06
mentorPaul M Watt20-Aug-14 7:06 
GeneralRe: Often stated and yet mostly overlooked... Pin
KarstenK20-Aug-14 7:16
mveKarstenK20-Aug-14 7:16 
GeneralAll of the above Pin
Paul M Watt20-Aug-14 6:59
mentorPaul M Watt20-Aug-14 6:59 
How many open source projects are out there?!
I dare say more than commercial products.

What percentage of open source products are worth using?!
This is where it depends comes into play. What will meet your needs, what is better, what is adequate compared to overpriced niche commercial software?

General users don't want to pay for things that they can get free some other way.

Speaking as a developer, there are fantastic Open-Source projects out there. Some that many other open-source projects leverage, and also many that commercial products depend upon.
GeneralI've learned to hate open source software Pin
jase.y.20-Aug-14 3:13
jase.y.20-Aug-14 3:13 
GeneralRe: I've learned to hate open source software Pin
Fabio Franco21-Aug-14 9:01
professionalFabio Franco21-Aug-14 9:01 
GeneralIt has advantages and disadvantages. Pin
UweOeder19-Aug-14 23:27
professionalUweOeder19-Aug-14 23:27 
GeneralRe: It has advantages and disadvantages. Pin
JASutherland25-Aug-14 3:19
JASutherland25-Aug-14 3:19 
GeneralSometimes open source software is a good thing and some it’s a bad thing! Pin
dennislx19-Aug-14 12:03
professionaldennislx19-Aug-14 12:03 
GeneralNO ... Pin
svella19-Aug-14 7:12
svella19-Aug-14 7:12 
GeneralRe: NO ... Pin
Fabio Franco19-Aug-14 10:18
professionalFabio Franco19-Aug-14 10:18 
GeneralIt depends Pin
Nelek19-Aug-14 6:52
protectorNelek19-Aug-14 6:52 
GeneralRe: It depends Pin
Paul M Watt20-Aug-14 6:52
mentorPaul M Watt20-Aug-14 6:52 
GeneralInitial Investment vs. total cost Pin
MT_19-Aug-14 5:55
professionalMT_19-Aug-14 5:55 
GeneralIs it actually less secure? Pin
Fabio Franco19-Aug-14 4:28
professionalFabio Franco19-Aug-14 4:28 
GeneralRe: Is it actually less secure? Pin
Eddy Vluggen19-Aug-14 8:23
professionalEddy Vluggen19-Aug-14 8:23 
GeneralRe: Is it actually less secure? Pin
Fabio Franco19-Aug-14 8:29
professionalFabio Franco19-Aug-14 8:29 
GeneralRe: Is it actually less secure? Pin
Eddy Vluggen19-Aug-14 9:59
professionalEddy Vluggen19-Aug-14 9:59 
GeneralRe: Is it actually less secure? Pin
Fabio Franco19-Aug-14 10:14
professionalFabio Franco19-Aug-14 10:14 
GeneralNO Pin
pasztorpisti19-Aug-14 3:46
pasztorpisti19-Aug-14 3:46 

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