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Survey Results

How many hours a week do you code?

Survey period: 1 Jun 2015 to 8 Jun 2015

We're not talking "work" with it's meetings, lunchtimes, office chit-chat and other hindrances. We're talking coding: typing, testing, designing, debugging and yelling at code.

Over 50hrs of actual coding17210.57
40 to less than 50hrs25515.67
30 to less than 40 hrs35321.70
20 to less than 30 hrs37122.80
10 to less than 20 hrs22313.71
5 to less than 10hrs1116.82
less than 5hrs a week coding time1096.70
None. I don't code.332.03

GeneralOne option was missing... Pin
Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan1-Jun-15 0:51
professionalAfzaal Ahmad Zeeshan1-Jun-15 0:51 
The option missing was, "I don't code only when I am sleeping!". Laugh | :laugh:

I was not able to count the hours, but, I know, on my mobile I am learning new frameworks, on laptop I am trying out new stuff. So... Only time when I am not coding is when I am sleeping, or maybe in dreams I am again coding but I don't know. Laugh | :laugh: Wink | ;)
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GeneralRe: One option was missing... Pin
CPallini7-Jun-15 0:21
mveCPallini7-Jun-15 0:21 
GeneralAsk me again when I look for another contract Pin
CHill6031-May-15 22:41
mveCHill6031-May-15 22:41 
GeneralMeetings Pin
Jan Steyn31-May-15 21:50
Jan Steyn31-May-15 21:50 
GeneralA lot... Pin
Sander Rossel31-May-15 20:02
professionalSander Rossel31-May-15 20:02 
GeneralRe: A lot... Pin
KarstenK31-May-15 20:11
mveKarstenK31-May-15 20:11 
GeneralRe: A lot... Pin
Sander Rossel31-May-15 20:32
professionalSander Rossel31-May-15 20:32 

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