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Survey Results

For how long should you provide basic support for your software?

Survey period: 21 Mar 2016 to 28 Mar 2016

Basic Support meaning security patches and assurance your app will continue to run on the platforms / OS it originally targeted. Support time for version N starts when version N+1 is released.

Q1. Consumer applications

Up to 2 years30347.34
Up to 5 years19730.78
Up to 7 years507.81
Over 7 years9014.06

Q2. Business and office productivity applications

Up to 2 years16225.31
Up to 5 year23636.88
Up to 7 years12018.75
Over 7 years12219.06

Q3. Critical Applications (Medical, engineering etc)

Up to 2 years7812.19
Up to 5 years11317.66
Up to 7 years8613.44
Over 7 years36356.72

GeneralWithout smooth support every product is doomed for scrap Pin
KarstenK21-Mar-16 2:19
mveKarstenK21-Mar-16 2:19 
GeneralEverything is critical to someone Pin
Slacker00721-Mar-16 1:34
professionalSlacker00721-Mar-16 1:34 
GeneralRe: Everything is critical to someone Pin
Albert Holguin21-Mar-16 5:36
professionalAlbert Holguin21-Mar-16 5:36 
GeneralThere could be other parameters than merely length of time Pin
Johnny J.21-Mar-16 1:05
professionalJohnny J.21-Mar-16 1:05 
GeneralA Lifetime Pin
S Houghtelin21-Mar-16 0:37
professionalS Houghtelin21-Mar-16 0:37 
General"should you" ? Pin
Sascha Lefèvre20-Mar-16 23:43
professionalSascha Lefèvre20-Mar-16 23:43 
GeneralMissing option for Business and Office Productivity Pin
Mycroft Holmes20-Mar-16 21:40
professionalMycroft Holmes20-Mar-16 21:40 
Generalcritical application Pin
V.20-Mar-16 20:56
professionalV.20-Mar-16 20:56 
Funny how many respond with over 7 years. It is my experience that if you keep an OS or application running to long without upgrading it "increases" the risk of instability. Confused | :confused:

In the end you get things like "don't touch that critical software, because we're worried it will break otherwise."

I've worked with critical systems for a good few years, including upgrades.
* don't upgrade right away (AKA don't jump to the new gadgets the moment it comes out)
* don't wait too long with upgrading
* redundancy, redundancy, redundancy (this is the golden rule Wink | ;-) )
* have a full functional and independent test system that reflects the real situation
(MQOTD rules and previous solutions)

GeneralRe: critical application Pin
Davide Zaccanti20-Mar-16 22:22
Davide Zaccanti20-Mar-16 22:22 
GeneralRe: critical application Pin
V.20-Mar-16 22:28
professionalV.20-Mar-16 22:28 
GeneralRe: critical application Pin
Davide Zaccanti20-Mar-16 22:51
Davide Zaccanti20-Mar-16 22:51 
GeneralRe: critical application Pin
Albert Holguin21-Mar-16 5:33
professionalAlbert Holguin21-Mar-16 5:33 
GeneralRe: critical application Pin
Member 1103480622-Mar-16 2:18
Member 1103480622-Mar-16 2:18 
GeneralRe: critical application Pin
BryanFazekas22-Mar-16 4:26
BryanFazekas22-Mar-16 4:26 
General...Forget about my APP/Software Pin
koolprasad200320-Mar-16 20:02
professionalkoolprasad200320-Mar-16 20:02 

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