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Survey Results

What are the most important factors you look for in a co-worker?

Survey period: 22 Oct 2018 to 29 Oct 2018

Let's assume you have, or aspire to have, co-workers.

Their ability to code47151.31
Their intelligence, or at least common sense and conversation65771.57
Their lack of any annoying habits. An invisible co-worker is a good co-worker23926.03
There ability to accept responsibility for mistakes49353.70
Their sense of humour36139.32
Their reliability, competency and work ethic71077.34
Someone who'll help me hide the bodies13915.14
Other (please comment)424.58
Respondents were allowed to choose more than one answer; totals may not add up to 100%

GeneralRe: Can I say Pin
Vikram A Punathambekar23-Oct-18 4:57
Vikram A Punathambekar23-Oct-18 4:57 
GeneralRe: Can I say Pin
thatraja23-Oct-18 8:43
professionalthatraja23-Oct-18 8:43 
GeneralRe: Can I say Pin
Slacker00722-Oct-18 1:54
professionalSlacker00722-Oct-18 1:54 
GeneralRe: Can I say Pin
#realJSOP22-Oct-18 2:01
professional#realJSOP22-Oct-18 2:01 
GeneralRe: Can I say Pin
Slacker00722-Oct-18 2:08
professionalSlacker00722-Oct-18 2:08 
PraiseRe: Can I say Pin
Anonymee23-Oct-18 2:20
professionalAnonymee23-Oct-18 2:20 
GeneralRe: Can I say Pin
thatraja23-Oct-18 8:51
professionalthatraja23-Oct-18 8:51 
GeneralNo co-workers, please PinPopular
PIEBALDconsult21-Oct-18 18:23
mvePIEBALDconsult21-Oct-18 18:23 
I work best alone.

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