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Survey Results

What are the most important things you wish for in a manager?

Survey period: 29 Apr 2019 to 6 May 2019

A variation on our previous survey about co-workers. (Suggested by Marc Clifton)

Their ability to facilitate your work33445.26
Their intelligence, or at least common sense and conversation34046.07
Their will willingness to accept responsibility for their team's mistakes (and not point fingers)28738.89
Their reasonableness when it comes to deadlines, time and personal emergencies39954.07
Their reliability, competency, work ethic and general availability32744.31
Their graceful acceptance that they may not be the smartest in the room26335.64
Their ability to protect you from those higher up29840.38
Their communication and feedback29539.97
Other (please comment)334.47
Respondents were allowed to choose more than one answer; totals may not add up to 100%

GeneralAn Engineering or a Science degree Pin
Stylianos Polychroniadis4-May-19 13:00
Stylianos Polychroniadis4-May-19 13:00 
GeneralPoint to the correct people Pin
KarstenK2-May-19 4:06
mveKarstenK2-May-19 4:06 
GeneralThe best manager I had Pin
den2k881-May-19 22:27
professionalden2k881-May-19 22:27 
GeneralUnderstanding Pin
NotUnique30-Apr-19 8:06
professionalNotUnique30-Apr-19 8:06 
GeneralTheir ability to facilitate your work Pin
Steven121830-Apr-19 7:49
professionalSteven121830-Apr-19 7:49 
GeneralConsistency Pin
jackbrownii30-Apr-19 5:11
professionaljackbrownii30-Apr-19 5:11 
GeneralBetter management vs worse Pin
agolddog30-Apr-19 4:58
agolddog30-Apr-19 4:58 
GeneralWe are a Gestalt Pin
W Balboos, GHB30-Apr-19 2:37
mveW Balboos, GHB30-Apr-19 2:37 
GeneralTheir ability to keep their finger off what is MY responsibility Pin
kalberts30-Apr-19 1:59
kalberts30-Apr-19 1:59 
GeneralEmpowerment Pin
Amarnath S30-Apr-19 0:34
professionalAmarnath S30-Apr-19 0:34 
GeneralProtection ... Pin
maze329-Apr-19 23:20
professionalmaze329-Apr-19 23:20 
GeneralBulldozer. Pin
RossMW29-Apr-19 17:17
professionalRossMW29-Apr-19 17:17 
PraiseRe: Bulldozer. Pin
RickZeeland29-Apr-19 21:55
mveRickZeeland29-Apr-19 21:55 
GeneralRe: Bulldozer. Pin
raddevus3-May-19 3:02
mvaraddevus3-May-19 3:02 
GeneralRe: Bulldozer. Pin
RossMW3-May-19 11:34
professionalRossMW3-May-19 11:34 
GeneralMissing option Pin
fatman4529-Apr-19 9:26
professionalfatman4529-Apr-19 9:26 
GeneralOther : also all of them Pin
Ralf Meier29-Apr-19 9:04
mveRalf Meier29-Apr-19 9:04 
GeneralNot being ... Pin
Mehdi Gholam29-Apr-19 6:22
Mehdi Gholam29-Apr-19 6:22 
GeneralHard to pick from that list Pin
James McCullough29-Apr-19 5:28
professionalJames McCullough29-Apr-19 5:28 
GeneralCompetency. Pin
Ron Anders29-Apr-19 4:16
Ron Anders29-Apr-19 4:16 
GeneralOther Pin
PeejayAdams29-Apr-19 2:21
PeejayAdams29-Apr-19 2:21 
GeneralRe: Other Pin
Nemanja Trifunovic29-Apr-19 5:00
Nemanja Trifunovic29-Apr-19 5:00 
GeneralRe: Other Pin
Behzad Sedighzadeh29-Apr-19 23:36
Behzad Sedighzadeh29-Apr-19 23:36 
So, being a freelancer is a good choice for you Laugh | :laugh:

GeneralRe: Other Pin
PeejayAdams29-Apr-19 23:48
PeejayAdams29-Apr-19 23:48 
GeneralRe: Other Pin
Netkitty30-Apr-19 7:39
Netkitty30-Apr-19 7:39 

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