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Survey Results

What’s the biggest challenge with working from home?

Survey period: 23 Mar 2020 to 30 Mar 2020

Distractions from housemates, kids, animals, significant other...43449.43
The Xbox, PlayStation etc sitting in the corner637.18
Interruptions by the snack pantry14015.95
Interruptions by the beer fridge353.99
Poor internet13014.81
My screens! Where are all the screens I’m used to?23827.11
Constant Zoom / Teams meetings14015.95
Completely forgetting what day of the week it is25629.16
Respondents were allowed to choose more than one answer; totals may not add up to 100%

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GeneralLook at the results.... Pin
Member 1126199130-Mar-20 0:33
professionalMember 1126199130-Mar-20 0:33 
Generalso what? Pin
Nelek1-Apr-20 0:12
protectorNelek1-Apr-20 0:12 
GeneralRe: Look at the results.... Pin
W Balboos, GHB1-Apr-20 3:51
W Balboos, GHB1-Apr-20 3:51 
GeneralDelivery of groceries Pin
John R. Shaw26-Mar-20 19:09
John R. Shaw26-Mar-20 19:09 
GeneralOther Pin
GKP199226-Mar-20 18:09
professionalGKP199226-Mar-20 18:09 
GeneralOther: Constantly looking at the news Pin
Marc Clifton26-Mar-20 3:45
mvaMarc Clifton26-Mar-20 3:45 
GeneralLong Days Pin
jsrjsr24-Mar-20 16:05
professionaljsrjsr24-Mar-20 16:05 
GeneralSigns of hope are coming Pin
KarstenK24-Mar-20 3:19
mveKarstenK24-Mar-20 3:19 
GeneralRe: Signs of hope are coming Pin
jsrjsr24-Mar-20 16:06
professionaljsrjsr24-Mar-20 16:06 
GeneralTo be fair Pin
agolddog24-Mar-20 2:56
agolddog24-Mar-20 2:56 
GeneralRe: To be fair Pin
User 1106097924-Mar-20 4:59
User 1106097924-Mar-20 4:59 
GeneralRe: To be fair Pin
agolddog24-Mar-20 5:08
agolddog24-Mar-20 5:08 
GeneralRe: To be fair Pin
User 1106097924-Mar-20 5:14
User 1106097924-Mar-20 5:14 
GeneralAll the other people in my house now working from home Pin
MarkTJohnson24-Mar-20 2:47
professionalMarkTJohnson24-Mar-20 2:47 
Generalgoing stir crazy Pin
BryanFazekas24-Mar-20 2:03
BryanFazekas24-Mar-20 2:03 
GeneralForgetting what day it is Pin
CodeZombie6224-Mar-20 1:53
CodeZombie6224-Mar-20 1:53 
GeneralHome office more expensive then work Pin
maze323-Mar-20 23:59
professionalmaze323-Mar-20 23:59 
GeneralMore productive Pin
ZurdoDev23-Mar-20 7:42
professionalZurdoDev23-Mar-20 7:42 
GeneralRe: More productive Pin
CHill6024-Mar-20 2:41
mveCHill6024-Mar-20 2:41 
GeneralRe: More productive Pin
Nelek24-Mar-20 10:32
protectorNelek24-Mar-20 10:32 
GeneralThe length of time... Pin
daleofcourse23-Mar-20 5:12
daleofcourse23-Mar-20 5:12 
GeneralRe: The length of time... Pin
Nelek24-Mar-20 10:31
protectorNelek24-Mar-20 10:31 
GeneralBeen There - Do That Pin
W Balboos, GHB23-Mar-20 4:40
W Balboos, GHB23-Mar-20 4:40 
GeneralSignificant other for sure Pin
Fred Kreppert23-Mar-20 4:02
Fred Kreppert23-Mar-20 4:02 
I've had my own home based business since 1994. Working from home has just become natural for me. I used to live with a couple of other people, but they pretty much respected my time when I was in my office working. My office was a well defined area in a separate part of the house. I then moved into an apartment by myself and had a separate room specifically for my office.

Hobbies have always been my biggest weakness. A lot of genealogy can now be done online through the computer and it is one of my 2 biggest hobbies. It is a huge distraction because I am always looking something up. Model Railroading is my other big hobby. At the house my trains were just a few feet away from my office, and always a distraction. I had to walk past them to get to my office. It was just too easy to turn them on and run them. In the apartment they are in a different room, but still not far away. Sometimes I even find myself walking into the wrong room Laugh | :laugh:

Two years ago I got married. Now the biggest distraction is my wife, in a number of different ways Big Grin | :-D When she is at work I have time to myself to get work done. When she is home, I am much less productive. She is either coming into my office or I am going out to see how she is doing. The more I stay in my office, the more she comes in to see how I am doing, or has something that she wants help with or wants me to do.

We are still in the same apartment, and planning to buy a house in the near future. My trains are still in the same room and only a short distance away, but I spend less time walking into the wrong room. Genealogy on the other hand is done on the computer in my office, so I still find time for it, and yes, it is now my second biggest distraction. I'll give you 3 guesses what the biggest is, but the first 2 don't count Big Grin | :-D (see above if you have doubts).

So, that is my story. Oh, and for you old timers on here, CListCtrl is still a big distraction too Poke tongue | ;-P (you have to have been on CP in the early days to understand that reference)
GeneralThe no shaving is good Pin
Eek Ten Bears23-Mar-20 3:45
Eek Ten Bears23-Mar-20 3:45 

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