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Survey Results

If you're working from home, what do you miss most about the office?

Survey period: 18 May 2020 to 25 May 2020

Maybe that's an oxymoron.

Your coworkers. For better or worse30134.32
I miss nothing25228.73
An actual desk and actual office chair and actual work space17019.38
The understanding that you were "at work" and could actually get work done16018.24
The amusing and invigorating office gossip and jokes15417.56
The cafeteria or whatever local / office food provider at your work10511.97
Not having to Zoom to get work done758.55
I'm still at the office677.64
The relaxing morning and evening commute606.84
I'm not working from home (or not working)505.70
A reason to wear pants465.25
Other (please comment)414.68
Respondents were allowed to choose more than one answer; totals may not add up to 100%

GeneralHuman to Human support time Pin
Eek Ten Bears17-May-20 21:40
Eek Ten Bears17-May-20 21:40 
I work at a manufacturer I also do support

Have you tried explaining to a worky that the thing they don't get isn't really an application problem, it is in fact that they have never done the first time set up that the application consultant showed them 3 years ago? Its very much easier to give them a five minute training session and close the ticket having helped rather than argue out the fact that they shouldn't have raised the ticket in the first place, then argue with their boss when it is escalated, his boss when it is escalated again, your own boss when the production director has a word in her ear and so on. The guilty process is of course all nicely documented in a manual, but it should be noted this is a manual IT never got, it was written by third party application consultants and was kept by one of the staff who does the work. Of course he\she knows all about it but no-one ever thinks to ask them. Instead when a new guy starts they always raise a ticket on the IT support system. The ticket wrangler fires that into applications development because it is an application after all. So under normal working in the office conditions we take a nice walk out to the shop-floor, or if we are really lucky an ever nicer stroll to one of the neighbouring buildings. We then have a pleasant 5 minutes talking directly to a fellow human or two, exchanging jokes. A lot of fingers get pointed at screens, we read the words written on them (which is a skill that users never acquire). Then like a magician click the relevant button, check box, or whatever. We show the user what we've done and it all works hooray everyone is happy. If we are really lucky we find the manual and add it to our system (that rarely happens). Now try that on teams!

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