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When do you install operating system updates?

Survey period: 16 Nov 2020 to 23 Nov 2020

As programmers we're meant to be smart about these things...

I install updates as soon as they are released16018.69
I install beta versions of updates if they are available131.52
I install as soon as it's convenient to restart my device25129.32
I install when I know it will be safe to have potential downtime10011.68
I install when I've been convinced the updates is safe9410.98
I install when I remember to, or when I get sick of being bugged about it445.14
I install when I have no other choice596.89
I do not install OS updates192.22
It totally depends on the OS or the update itself. Some I trust, some I don't11613.55

GeneralMissing Option... Pin
Nelek21-Nov-20 23:05
protectorNelek21-Nov-20 23:05 
GeneralWhen it means I could lose unsaved work Pin
kmoorevs18-Nov-20 6:04
kmoorevs18-Nov-20 6:04 
GeneralOnce others have done the company's testing for them Pin
patbob17-Nov-20 12:22
patbob17-Nov-20 12:22 
Generaldepends Pin
sasadler17-Nov-20 5:58
sasadler17-Nov-20 5:58 
GeneralUpdate == rebuild and rollback Pin
Rusty Bullet17-Nov-20 3:42
Rusty Bullet17-Nov-20 3:42 
GeneralAnyone else have Windows Insiders builds? Pin
Stuart Dootson17-Nov-20 1:45
professionalStuart Dootson17-Nov-20 1:45 
GeneralDoes the update kill some of my apps? I'll wait. Pin
MarkTJohnson17-Nov-20 1:14
professionalMarkTJohnson17-Nov-20 1:14 
GeneralPatch anxiety doesn't affect me Pin
Member 1330167916-Nov-20 20:40
Member 1330167916-Nov-20 20:40 
GeneralWhen I need to procastrinate Pin
den2k8816-Nov-20 6:38
professionalden2k8816-Nov-20 6:38 
GeneralAs soon as they are released Pin
Davide Zaccanti16-Nov-20 6:27
Davide Zaccanti16-Nov-20 6:27 
In one Windows 10 and one Windows Server to understand if changes can impact customer's machines.

We do not support preview and/or beta as production machine, but we have to garantee that we work on current OS.

so, for example, we have updated to H2 as soon as officially available.

GeneralAs soon as they are released Pin
Scott Serl16-Nov-20 6:17
Scott Serl16-Nov-20 6:17 
GeneralWhenever Microsoft decides it's time Pin
MehreenTahir16-Nov-20 4:48
mvaMehreenTahir16-Nov-20 4:48 
QuestionRe: Whenever Microsoft decides it's time Pin
Ravi Bhavnani16-Nov-20 8:27
professionalRavi Bhavnani16-Nov-20 8:27 
AnswerRe: Whenever Microsoft decides it's time Pin
MehreenTahir18-Nov-20 1:58
mvaMehreenTahir18-Nov-20 1:58 
AnswerRe: Whenever Microsoft decides it's time Pin
Anurag Gandhi18-Nov-20 20:41
professionalAnurag Gandhi18-Nov-20 20:41 
GeneralRe: Whenever Microsoft decides it's time Pin
agolddog17-Nov-20 3:38
agolddog17-Nov-20 3:38 
GeneralWhen in shape to close all the open windows/apps... Pin
Sandeep Mewara16-Nov-20 3:49
mveSandeep Mewara16-Nov-20 3:49 
General(Personal - auto update) (Work - ITS takes care of that) Pin
Slacker00716-Nov-20 1:10
professionalSlacker00716-Nov-20 1:10 
GeneralIt's the "Convenient" one for me Pin
OriginalGriff15-Nov-20 23:25
mvaOriginalGriff15-Nov-20 23:25 
GeneralMissing Option Pin
Ralf Meier15-Nov-20 21:24
professionalRalf Meier15-Nov-20 21:24 

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