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When do you install operating system updates?

Survey period: 16 Nov 2020 to 23 Nov 2020

As programmers we're meant to be smart about these things...

I install updates as soon as they are released16018.69
I install beta versions of updates if they are available131.52
I install as soon as it's convenient to restart my device25129.32
I install when I know it will be safe to have potential downtime10011.68
I install when I've been convinced the updates is safe9410.98
I install when I remember to, or when I get sick of being bugged about it445.14
I install when I have no other choice596.89
I do not install OS updates192.22
It totally depends on the OS or the update itself. Some I trust, some I don't11613.55

GeneralMissing Option... Pin
Nelek22-Nov-20 0:05
protectorNelek22-Nov-20 0:05 
GeneralWhen it means I could lose unsaved work Pin
kmoorevs18-Nov-20 7:04
kmoorevs18-Nov-20 7:04 
GeneralOnce others have done the company's testing for them Pin
patbob17-Nov-20 13:22
patbob17-Nov-20 13:22 
Generaldepends Pin
sasadler17-Nov-20 6:58
sasadler17-Nov-20 6:58 
GeneralUpdate == rebuild and rollback Pin
Rusty Bullet17-Nov-20 4:42
Rusty Bullet17-Nov-20 4:42 
GeneralAnyone else have Windows Insiders builds? Pin
Stuart Dootson17-Nov-20 2:45
professionalStuart Dootson17-Nov-20 2:45 
GeneralDoes the update kill some of my apps? I'll wait. Pin
MarkTJohnson17-Nov-20 2:14
professionalMarkTJohnson17-Nov-20 2:14 
GeneralPatch anxiety doesn't affect me Pin
Member 1330167916-Nov-20 21:40
Member 1330167916-Nov-20 21:40 
GeneralWhen I need to procastrinate Pin
den2k8816-Nov-20 7:38
professionalden2k8816-Nov-20 7:38 
GeneralAs soon as they are released Pin
Davide Zaccanti16-Nov-20 7:27
Davide Zaccanti16-Nov-20 7:27 
GeneralAs soon as they are released Pin
Scott Serl16-Nov-20 7:17
Scott Serl16-Nov-20 7:17 
GeneralWhenever Microsoft decides it's time Pin
MehreenTahir16-Nov-20 5:48
mvaMehreenTahir16-Nov-20 5:48 
QuestionRe: Whenever Microsoft decides it's time Pin
Ravi Bhavnani16-Nov-20 9:27
professionalRavi Bhavnani16-Nov-20 9:27 
AnswerRe: Whenever Microsoft decides it's time Pin
MehreenTahir18-Nov-20 2:58
mvaMehreenTahir18-Nov-20 2:58 
AnswerRe: Whenever Microsoft decides it's time Pin
Anurag Gandhi18-Nov-20 21:41
professionalAnurag Gandhi18-Nov-20 21:41 
Macbook is no different. You will feel similar to windows over a period of time. Wink | ;)
In Both OS, you can choose on when to allow updates and restart device, mostly.
Life is a computer program and everyone is the programmer of his own life.

GeneralRe: Whenever Microsoft decides it's time Pin
agolddog17-Nov-20 4:38
agolddog17-Nov-20 4:38 
GeneralWhen in shape to close all the open windows/apps... Pin
Sandeep Mewara16-Nov-20 4:49
mveSandeep Mewara16-Nov-20 4:49 
General(Personal - auto update) (Work - ITS takes care of that) Pin
Slacker00716-Nov-20 2:10
professionalSlacker00716-Nov-20 2:10 
GeneralIt's the "Convenient" one for me Pin
OriginalGriff16-Nov-20 0:25
mvaOriginalGriff16-Nov-20 0:25 
GeneralMissing Option Pin
Ralf Meier15-Nov-20 22:24
mveRalf Meier15-Nov-20 22:24 

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