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Survey Results

What is your direct Manager's background?

Survey period: 26 Apr 2021 to 3 May 2021

Have they been in the trenches where you are now or do they bring a different set of skills?

Software Development26737.34
System Analyst638.81
Entrepreneur / Ideas Person365.03
Science / Mathematics415.73
Sales / Marketing456.29
Product Design / Product Manager456.29
They own the company8812.31
I have no manager or boss15721.96
Respondents were allowed to choose more than one answer; totals may not add up to 100%

GeneralI don't have a manager - I'm retired. I do have a wife... Pin
Jalapeno Bob27-Apr-21 11:19
professionalJalapeno Bob27-Apr-21 11:19 
Generalstereotypical boss Pin
BernardIE531727-Apr-21 11:16
BernardIE531727-Apr-21 11:16 
GeneralI report to el presidente now. Pin
rnbergren27-Apr-21 3:57
rnbergren27-Apr-21 3:57 
GeneralSoftware Development Pin
Rusty Bullet27-Apr-21 3:40
Rusty Bullet27-Apr-21 3:40 
GeneralI have no manager. I do have a boss. Pin
Slow Eddie27-Apr-21 2:03
professionalSlow Eddie27-Apr-21 2:03 
GeneralMy Gestalt Pin
W Balboos, GHB26-Apr-21 1:19
W Balboos, GHB26-Apr-21 1:19 
GeneralNever had a boss who was not also a developer. Pin
Nemanja Trifunovic26-Apr-21 1:15
Nemanja Trifunovic26-Apr-21 1:15 
GeneralI'm my own boss now, but... Pin
Sander Rossel26-Apr-21 0:53
professionalSander Rossel26-Apr-21 0:53 
Generalwe have great managers Pin
Slacker00725-Apr-21 21:49
professionalSlacker00725-Apr-21 21:49 
GeneralRe: we have great managers Pin
Nelek26-Apr-21 9:27
protectorNelek26-Apr-21 9:27 
GeneralRe: we have great managers Pin
Slacker00726-Apr-21 9:59
professionalSlacker00726-Apr-21 9:59 
GeneralMost of our management comes from the trenches Pin
den2k8825-Apr-21 21:43
professionalden2k8825-Apr-21 21:43 
It is customary for our company to get managers from the consultants. Some of them though do very little consultancy or dance the consultant - customer - manager jig: work with the company, get hired from a customer, return to the company as manager.

Biggest problem of managers coming from the trenches is that they have the illusion of knowledge which is much more dangerous than lack of knowledge.
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GeneralQA Pin
Daniel Pfeffer25-Apr-21 21:26
professionalDaniel Pfeffer25-Apr-21 21:26 
GeneralFinance Pin
Mathew Crothers25-Apr-21 19:47
professionalMathew Crothers25-Apr-21 19:47 
GeneralRe: Finance Pin
Nelek26-Apr-21 9:26
protectorNelek26-Apr-21 9:26 
GeneralRe: Finance Pin
MKJCP27-Apr-21 2:10
MKJCP27-Apr-21 2:10 

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