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Survey Results

Moving to Windows 11?

Survey period: 20 Sep 2021 to 27 Sep 2021

A change is as good as a holiday, right?

I'm already running Windows 11343.87
I'm moving to Windows 11 as soon as it's officially released9811.16
I'll move to it when my next machine comes pre-installed with it11913.55
I'll move to it if I'm required to12914.69
I'll probably have it running on a PC at some point28532.46
Not likely455.13
No (because my hardware won't support it)9711.05
No (because I'm not a fan of Windows 11)232.62
No (for whatever other reason)192.16
I don't run Windows machines384.33

GeneralWork or Home Pin
Matt Bond21-Sep-21 6:35
MemberMatt Bond21-Sep-21 6:35 
Generalnot purchasing HW to run a new OS PinPopular
BryanFazekas21-Sep-21 2:08
MemberBryanFazekas21-Sep-21 2:08 
GeneralRe: not purchasing HW to run a new OS Pin
Ravi Bhavnani21-Sep-21 5:33
professionalRavi Bhavnani21-Sep-21 5:33 
GeneralRe: not purchasing HW to run a new OS Pin
Dan Neely22-Sep-21 4:06
MemberDan Neely22-Sep-21 4:06 
GeneralRe: not purchasing HW to run a new OS Pin
BryanFazekas22-Sep-21 4:17
MemberBryanFazekas22-Sep-21 4:17 
GeneralRe: not purchasing HW to run a new OS Pin
Nelek23-Sep-21 9:20
protectorNelek23-Sep-21 9:20 
GeneralRe: not purchasing HW to run a new OS Pin
Dan Neely23-Sep-21 9:39
MemberDan Neely23-Sep-21 9:39 
GeneralRe: not purchasing HW to run a new OS Pin
kalberts25-Sep-21 13:01
Memberkalberts25-Sep-21 13:01 
GeneralHome vs Work Pin
Jacquers20-Sep-21 22:10
MemberJacquers20-Sep-21 22:10 
GeneralAfter testing my critical applications Pin
ISanti20-Sep-21 22:06
MemberISanti20-Sep-21 22:06 
GeneralTPM Pin
Vikram A Punathambekar20-Sep-21 20:57
MemberVikram A Punathambekar20-Sep-21 20:57 
GeneralIf it is a free upgrade from Windows 10 ... Pin
Amarnath S20-Sep-21 19:08
professionalAmarnath S20-Sep-21 19:08 
GeneralI might put it on a secondary system Pin
PIEBALDconsult20-Sep-21 4:10
professionalPIEBALDconsult20-Sep-21 4:10 
GeneralIt's only for fanciful woman. Pin
Ron Anders20-Sep-21 3:55
MemberRon Anders20-Sep-21 3:55 
GeneralI don't even notice Windows versions any more... Pin
Nemanja Trifunovic20-Sep-21 2:17
MemberNemanja Trifunovic20-Sep-21 2:17 
GeneralAll down to hardware. Pin
DaveAuld20-Sep-21 1:40
professionalDaveAuld20-Sep-21 1:40 
I'll probably move to win11 once understand if the hardware is supported or not. Haven't looked under the hood or tried any of the update adviser

I don't mean supported as it Ms say it's OK, I mean if it will actually run or not regardless of official supported config.

GeneralI certainly won't be among the early adopters Pin
Daniel Pfeffer20-Sep-21 0:43
professionalDaniel Pfeffer20-Sep-21 0:43 
GeneralI'm running Win7 Pin
den2k8820-Sep-21 0:23
professionalden2k8820-Sep-21 0:23 
GeneralRe: I'm running Win7 Pin
K Personett21-Sep-21 5:54
MemberK Personett21-Sep-21 5:54 
GeneralRe: I'm running Win7 Pin
den2k8821-Sep-21 6:16
professionalden2k8821-Sep-21 6:16 
GeneralRe: I'm running Win7 Pin
K Personett21-Sep-21 8:10
MemberK Personett21-Sep-21 8:10 
GeneralRe: I'm running Win7 Pin
glennPattonWork321-Sep-21 8:22
professionalglennPattonWork321-Sep-21 8:22 
GeneralRe: I'm running Win7 Pin
JSilvers21-Sep-21 9:59
professionalJSilvers21-Sep-21 9:59 
GeneralNot until new computer Pin
Slacker00719-Sep-21 23:52
professionalSlacker00719-Sep-21 23:52 
GeneralMacOs Pin
Simon_Whale19-Sep-21 22:54
professionalSimon_Whale19-Sep-21 22:54 

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