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AI can drive a car and write a novel. What's the value a software developer brings that AI can't?

Survey period: 14 Feb 2022 to 21 Feb 2022

Are we slowly being replaced and haven't yet noticed, or will AI always be merely a tool that us Skilled Professionals wield to make a better world?

We developers understand humans, and so can cater to their illogical needs36754.45
AI can only mimic what's been done, but can't truly innovate30645.40
AI can never make something fun8813.06
AI are terrible at team building exercises11817.51
Us developers keep entire legions of QA testers employed. An AI can't do that.7010.39
An AI could never explain to its manager why it did something20730.71
AI systems are terrible at understanding what's not being said by your manager30645.40
Nothing. Given time, AI will render us superfluous. We're doomed.13720.33
Respondents were allowed to choose more than one answer; totals may not add up to 100%

GeneralModern AI Chess engines have demonstrated innovation Pin
Adam David Hill20-Feb-22 9:49
professionalAdam David Hill20-Feb-22 9:49 
GeneralAI is only as good as we are Pin
Stylianos Polychroniadis18-Feb-22 8:55
MemberStylianos Polychroniadis18-Feb-22 8:55 
GeneralAn AI can drive cars? Pin
John Wellbelove16-Feb-22 22:57
MemberJohn Wellbelove16-Feb-22 22:57 
GeneralProcessing power Pin
CodeWraith16-Feb-22 22:21
MemberCodeWraith16-Feb-22 22:21 
GeneralRe: Processing power Pin
trønderen17-Feb-22 5:57
Membertrønderen17-Feb-22 5:57 
GeneralMissing option - programmers WROTE the AI Pin
Marc Clifton16-Feb-22 16:15
mvaMarc Clifton16-Feb-22 16:15 
GeneralAI Can't Drive a Car -or- Write a Novel Pin
matblue2515-Feb-22 7:12
professionalmatblue2515-Feb-22 7:12 
GeneralRe: AI Can't Drive a Car -or- Write a Novel Pin
trønderen15-Feb-22 9:38
Membertrønderen15-Feb-22 9:38 
GeneralExplaining the task to an AI might be as difficult as writing the code ... for now Pin
Cpichols15-Feb-22 3:04
MemberCpichols15-Feb-22 3:04 
GeneralRe: Explaining the task to an AI might be as difficult as writing the code ... for now Pin
trønderen15-Feb-22 9:11
Membertrønderen15-Feb-22 9:11 
I tend to agree. But then ...

When I see how willingly users/customers are to give up their old traditional work methods, standards, terminology, quality criteria, ... if you just give them something "modern" and computer based, then I am not so sure.

Take typography and document production. Almost all old established practices and conventions have been molded and reshaped into something else that practically never represents any "improvement" according to old quality standards. So the quality standards have had to be remodeled...

Are computer generated animations "better" than movies of real life? Well, if we want our children to have the best there is, it seems so. Make a count of computer generated animations vs. "real" programs on your available children's channels on TV: Most likely, 80% of them are computer generated, not depicting real life. We have come to accept this as what we want for our children.

Do you really think that touch displays are "better" than physical buttons to push? Or do you accept it only because that is what your smartphone, pad, microwave or TV set offers?

Visually impaired users have been reading braille since Louis Braille invented it - but it is, or was, not adapted to non-English characters such as the Norwegian æ, ø, å as late as late as around year 2000 - for Norwegian, three different encoding systems were competing. I expected this to be a serious problem, but to braille readers it was far less than I expected: "When you see a text with a word such as 'bøker', and the the 'ø' is in the OP code, you understand that the entire text is in OP coding". (OP is from 'Otto Prytz', a blind lecturer of Spanish at the University of Oslo, and a pioneer of computer based tools for the blind, including the first 'standard' for braille encoding of Norwegian letters.)

Yeah, this reflects a 'survival instinct'. We'll just have to learn to switch between three different ways of coding æ, ø and å.

But that is a surrender under the dictate of those clueless computer people who seemingly are completely unable to provide a decent, consistent solution! Honestly, that sort of submissiveness makes me sick!

So what about those of us who are not visually handicapped?

We behave the same way! We accept the computer dictate telling us to accept _underlined words_ and *text in italics* even though they appear neither underlined nor in italics. We accept that newlines and paragraph separators disappear. We accept that in multipart names, the separating space must be replaced by an underscore because otherwise the computer won't accept it as one name. We accept that 'john' and 'John' are different names, because the computer says so.

And so on.

We are submissive slaves under the Master Computer. It doesn't require AI, and AI doesn't make any essential difference. We will probably be increasingly submissive in the future, accepting that noone is asking us what we need from the app (or free open-source application): Accept it the way it is, or just ignore it. If you ignore it, it could for example keep you from keeping in touch with your FB friends. Or you may unable to pay for your stuff in a webshop. So you better submit to whatever the computer's orders.

This is the case today - with computer systems developed by "human intelligence". I honestly doubt that it can be made that much worse with artificial intelligence.
GeneralRe: Explaining the task to an AI might be as difficult as writing the code ... for now Pin
Cpichols15-Feb-22 10:04
MemberCpichols15-Feb-22 10:04 
GeneralRe: Explaining the task to an AI might be as difficult as writing the code ... for now Pin
CodeWraith16-Feb-22 21:10
MemberCodeWraith16-Feb-22 21:10 
GeneralThere is no current AI that does these things, currently Machine Learning Pin
maze314-Feb-22 22:58
professionalmaze314-Feb-22 22:58 
GeneralRe: There is no current AI that does these things, currently Machine Learning Pin
trønderen15-Feb-22 9:14
Membertrønderen15-Feb-22 9:14 
GeneralRe: There is no current AI that does these things, currently Machine Learning Pin
CodeWraith16-Feb-22 21:37
MemberCodeWraith16-Feb-22 21:37 
GeneralRe: There is no current AI that does these things, currently Machine Learning Pin
trønderen17-Feb-22 5:42
Membertrønderen17-Feb-22 5:42 
GeneralWe will continue to be useful, the tools we use will change Pin
harvyk014-Feb-22 21:23
Memberharvyk014-Feb-22 21:23 
GeneralContext, context, context Pin
willichan14-Feb-22 9:21
professionalwillichan14-Feb-22 9:21 
GeneralRe: Context, context, context Pin
trønderen15-Feb-22 8:16
Membertrønderen15-Feb-22 8:16 
GeneralRe: Context, context, context Pin
willichan16-Feb-22 9:53
professionalwillichan16-Feb-22 9:53 
GeneralRe: Context, context, context Pin
trønderen16-Feb-22 11:44
Membertrønderen16-Feb-22 11:44 
GeneralI Am A Robot Pin
snorkie14-Feb-22 7:04
professionalsnorkie14-Feb-22 7:04 
Generalhumans have no limits in imagination Pin
Irina Pykhova14-Feb-22 6:10
professionalIrina Pykhova14-Feb-22 6:10 
Generalneither in stupidity Pin
Nelek14-Feb-22 7:07
protectorNelek14-Feb-22 7:07 
GeneralRe: neither in stupidity Pin
Irina Pykhova14-Feb-22 7:35
professionalIrina Pykhova14-Feb-22 7:35 

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