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Survey Results

Which devices or platforms would you most like to program?

Survey period: 2 May 2022 to 9 May 2022

Imagine you had the tools and experience to mess around with any piece of code on any piece of hardware. What would be on your TODO list?

Your car's infotainment and management system20232.53
Your home appliances (fridge, TV, HVAC)17428.02
Home connected devices (hubs, security, webcams, smoke / leak detectors, smart lights)25841.55
Elevators. (surely someone here can fix their code?)457.25
Traffic management systems (eg. traffic lights)17528.18
Autonomous robots22235.75
Attached medical devices (eg glucose monitor, pacemakers)9615.46
Cell towers518.21
Something else (Please comment)9314.98
Respondents were allowed to choose more than one answer; totals may not add up to 100%

GeneralMy manager's brain Pin
Amarnath S8-May-22 0:01
professionalAmarnath S8-May-22 0:01 
GeneralOther - Automatic Train Control on my Model Railroad!! Pin
Jalapeno Bob6-May-22 6:03
professionalJalapeno Bob6-May-22 6:03 
GeneralOther Pin
Slow Eddie6-May-22 2:32
professionalSlow Eddie6-May-22 2:32 
Generalmy sleep/wake cycle Pin
BillWoodruff5-May-22 19:45
mveBillWoodruff5-May-22 19:45 
GeneralECUs for midsize industrial diesels like those used in campers and school buses. Pin
honey the codewitch5-May-22 15:25
mvahoney the codewitch5-May-22 15:25 
GeneralRobots, PLC and CNC for special machines Pin
Joan M5-May-22 4:42
professionalJoan M5-May-22 4:42 
GeneralMy brain Pin
haplokuon4-May-22 12:11
Memberhaplokuon4-May-22 12:11 
GeneralI thought it would be fun to program elevators to stop at random floors, but then I realised... Pin
Johnny J.3-May-22 22:42
professionalJohnny J.3-May-22 22:42 
GeneralMedical Software Pin
Alois Kraus3-May-22 8:59
MemberAlois Kraus3-May-22 8:59 
GeneralCable DVR Pin
Rich Shealer3-May-22 6:06
MemberRich Shealer3-May-22 6:06 
GeneralGas station pumps Pin
Owen Lawrence3-May-22 4:44
MemberOwen Lawrence3-May-22 4:44 
GeneralRe: Gas station pumps Pin
rnbergren3-May-22 5:56
Memberrnbergren3-May-22 5:56 
GeneralRe: Gas station pumps Pin
Robotek235-May-22 17:34
MemberRobotek235-May-22 17:34 
GeneralRe: Gas station pumps Pin
Owen Lawrence6-May-22 6:22
MemberOwen Lawrence6-May-22 6:22 
GeneralTraffic lights Pin
k50543-May-22 4:25
mvek50543-May-22 4:25 
GeneralRe: Traffic lights Pin
sasadler3-May-22 6:00
Membersasadler3-May-22 6:00 
GeneralRe: Traffic lights Pin
MikeCO104-May-22 3:14
MemberMikeCO104-May-22 3:14 
GeneralRe: Traffic lights Pin
pherschel4-May-22 2:51
Memberpherschel4-May-22 2:51 
GeneralElectric piano, 88 key, sensitive to touch, realistic sound Pin
Bruce Patin3-May-22 3:52
MemberBruce Patin3-May-22 3:52 
GeneralOther Pin
rjmoses3-May-22 3:21
professionalrjmoses3-May-22 3:21 
GeneralRe: Other Pin
jmaida5-May-22 8:29
Memberjmaida5-May-22 8:29 
GeneralOther: Pin
MarkTJohnson3-May-22 3:02
professionalMarkTJohnson3-May-22 3:02 
GeneralRe: Other: Pin
PeteMcNamee3-May-22 3:58
MemberPeteMcNamee3-May-22 3:58 
GeneralCommunication Devices for assisting disabled Pin
Peter Kelley 20213-May-22 2:20
MemberPeter Kelley 20213-May-22 2:20 
GeneralAnything Having to do w/ Audio and Music Loud Enough to Entertain My Neighbors Pin
PaltryProgrammer3-May-22 1:32
MemberPaltryProgrammer3-May-22 1:32 

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