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Survey Results

Do you take a development machine with you on holidays?

Survey period: 4 Jul 2022 to 11 Jul 2022

A laptop, a mini PC, a tablet that allows you to remote to a Virtual Desktop. There are options.

Yes, absolutely16020.23
Yes, if I can get away with it384.80
Yes, if and/or when it's required by my work607.59
Yes, sometimes9612.14
Yes, rarely648.09
I have but that didn't end well172.15
No, never35645.01

GeneralIt would take up too much room :-) Pin
Kornfeld Eliyahu Peter10-Jul-22 3:06
professionalKornfeld Eliyahu Peter10-Jul-22 3:06 
GeneralSadly... Pin
charlieg8-Jul-22 10:07
charlieg8-Jul-22 10:07 
GeneralNot under any circumstances Pin
Richard MacCutchan8-Jul-22 7:01
mveRichard MacCutchan8-Jul-22 7:01 
GeneralRe: Not under any circumstances Pin
Kornfeld Eliyahu Peter10-Jul-22 3:14
professionalKornfeld Eliyahu Peter10-Jul-22 3:14 
GeneralDepends on the Vacation Pin
MarcusCole68338-Jul-22 5:40
professionalMarcusCole68338-Jul-22 5:40 
GeneralThe pre-Internet days were better Pin
Amarnath S6-Jul-22 6:05
professionalAmarnath S6-Jul-22 6:05 
GeneralRe: The pre-Internet days were better Pin
jeron16-Jul-22 8:23
jeron16-Jul-22 8:23 
GeneralRe: The pre-Internet days were better Pin
Kornfeld Eliyahu Peter10-Jul-22 3:13
professionalKornfeld Eliyahu Peter10-Jul-22 3:13 
GeneralBird songs Pin
trønderen5-Jul-22 16:49
trønderen5-Jul-22 16:49 
GeneralI get totally disconnected Pin
Member 123124665-Jul-22 12:23
professionalMember 123124665-Jul-22 12:23 
GeneralHmmm Pin
honey the codewitch5-Jul-22 9:53
mvahoney the codewitch5-Jul-22 9:53 
GeneralRe: Hmmm Pin
Chris Maunder6-Jul-22 4:18
cofounderChris Maunder6-Jul-22 4:18 
GeneralRe: Hmmm Pin
honey the codewitch6-Jul-22 4:36
mvahoney the codewitch6-Jul-22 4:36 
GeneralRe: Hmmm Pin
Chris Maunder6-Jul-22 7:00
cofounderChris Maunder6-Jul-22 7:00 
GeneralThis is a trick question, with only Yes, Absolutely being the correct answer for most people Pin
Fred Kreppert5-Jul-22 9:28
Fred Kreppert5-Jul-22 9:28 
Although I have a special situation (which I will explain in a moment), nearly everyone in this survey should be answering Yes, Absolutely to this question. Why? It is all in how the question is worded. If you can remote into your primary development machine, then any laptop, mini PC, tablet, iPad, smart phone, etc., that you take with you can get you onto that machine and fulfills the question. The question does not say that the machine you take with you has to be owned by the company either. The subtitle includes any smart device you take with you, including a personal device. For instance, I can log onto my desktop computer in my office using TeamViewer from the same software on my personal cell phone. Thus, my cell phone fulfills the subtitle. The same software can easily be loaded onto a tablet as well. Nowhere in this survey question does it ask if you do any development work while on vacation (perhaps that will be next week's question???).

As for my own situation, I have my own home based business. When on vacation I always take my cell phone with me, and usually a laptop too. My laptop has development software directly loaded onto it, so it fulfills the main question, and I would need to answer Yes, Absolutely. While on vacation, do I ever load that software and do any work within it? No! Therefore, I would need to answer No, Never. Even if I left that laptop at home and only took my personal cell phone, I can still get onto my development machine via the TeamViewer software on my cell phone. Thus, I can still remote to my development machine and fulfill the subtitle, even if I don't actually do development work while on vacation.

So why do I take a laptop at all? I can transfer photos from my phone to the laptop, it is easier to get onto facebook and other websites, etc. I also often do genealogy type research on vacations and having a laptop with me is always a huge advantage for many reasons. Unfortunately, genealogy is only a hobby and not my work. The genealogy material that is not on my laptop I have access to through my desktop computer in my office. Getting onto my work computer for genealogy research I would also not consider as being work either. Thus, I am not doing work but yet still using the same machines that I would be using for work, while on some vacations. For me, work machines and personal machines cannot be totally separated, but I can separate work from non-work use of them.

For those bean counters out there, I do realize that cell phone was not directly mentioned in the question. I suspect this was a simple oversight and a tablet or iPad can be used in nearly the same way, especially for the "remote to Virtual Desktop" that is mentioned. A cell phone is covered by the "There are options." part of the subtitle.
GeneralRe: This is a trick question, with only Yes, Absolutely being the correct answer for most people Pin
Chris Maunder6-Jul-22 4:21
cofounderChris Maunder6-Jul-22 4:21 
GeneralRe: This is a trick question, with only Yes, Absolutely being the correct answer for most people Pin
Kornfeld Eliyahu Peter10-Jul-22 3:12
professionalKornfeld Eliyahu Peter10-Jul-22 3:12 
GeneralNever, I want to stay sane., Pin
Maximilien5-Jul-22 8:08
Maximilien5-Jul-22 8:08 
GeneralMissing Option: No Need Pin
Sammuel Miranda5-Jul-22 5:58
professionalSammuel Miranda5-Jul-22 5:58 
GeneralYes, because I was using it as a personal pc as well. Pin
Jacquers5-Jul-22 1:08
Jacquers5-Jul-22 1:08 
GeneralIf you take your laptop, then what's the point of going on vacation/holiday? Pin
Erik Burd4-Jul-22 20:28
professionalErik Burd4-Jul-22 20:28 
GeneralRe: If you take your laptop, then what's the point of going on vacation/holiday? Pin
Member 133016794-Jul-22 21:48
Member 133016794-Jul-22 21:48 
AnswerNo, never Pin
ronlease4-Jul-22 18:01
professionalronlease4-Jul-22 18:01 
GeneralRe: No, never Pin
Julian Ragan5-Jul-22 0:37
Julian Ragan5-Jul-22 0:37 
GeneralRe: No, never Pin
Matt Bond5-Jul-22 5:45
Matt Bond5-Jul-22 5:45 

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