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Survey Results

Have you ever taught anyone to code?

Survey period: 1 Aug 2022 to 8 Aug 2022

"Teaching" can mean from start to finish, or simply just helping someone learning to code work through a coding issue (like helping with homework or being a support tutor)

I teach coding (or used to teach) as my job517.59
I occassionally teach how to code11016.37
I have taught (or helped teach) coding30645.54
I've tried teaching659.67
No, never14020.83

Q2. And how did it go?

Always excellent7310.86
Generally good28442.26
Mixed results18427.38
Generally not great537.89
Not good. Ever.7811.61

GeneralRe: I would teach if it paid well Pin
Mike (Prof. Chuck)1-Aug-22 18:52
professionalMike (Prof. Chuck)1-Aug-22 18:52 
GeneralNot very good ... Pin
Richard MacCutchan1-Aug-22 2:11
mveRichard MacCutchan1-Aug-22 2:11 
GeneralI keep trying to get my techie wife to code. Pin
Ron Anders1-Aug-22 1:52
Ron Anders1-Aug-22 1:52 
GeneralI hesitate to say excellent Pin
honey the codewitch1-Aug-22 0:55
mvahoney the codewitch1-Aug-22 0:55 
GeneralBest way to learn a subject Pin
theoldfool1-Aug-22 0:24
professionaltheoldfool1-Aug-22 0:24 
GeneralRe: Best way to learn a subject Pin
Nelek1-Aug-22 11:01
protectorNelek1-Aug-22 11:01 
GeneralCurrently "coaching" 4 colleagues Pin
CHill601-Aug-22 0:16
mveCHill601-Aug-22 0:16 
GeneralIt's a surprisingly difficult job, teaching. PinPopular
OriginalGriff31-Jul-22 21:51
mvaOriginalGriff31-Jul-22 21:51 
Or at least, effective teaching is.
Knowing the subject is one thing, but getting someone else into the "mindset" where they can start to be competent in it is another altogether.

I have been "competent" at development since pretty much the start of my career, and I couldn't understand why others had problems learning to do what I did.
Then I went on a (very short) Teacher Training course and it opened my eyes to what I was doing wrong.

The main thing I learned was that learning any new skill goes through 4 stages:
1) Unconscious Incompetence  - "How the heck did you do that?" 
2) Conscious Incompetence    - "Oh elephant, I can't do it"
3) Conscious Competence      - "Oh, hang on, maybe I can" 
4) Unconscious Competence    - "But it's so easy - why can't you do it?"

And the major problem is that people in stage four (us lot) have forgotten what stage 1 is like (scared or lazy students)

So you have to change your mindset in order to pass on knowledge as well as changing the student's mindset to accommodate the new skill - and that's really quite difficult.

The other biggie is to accept that you don't learn skills by reading about them, or watching them being done, or looking at the final results: you can watch the Tour de France all you like, but you will still fall off a lot when you first get on a bicycle! Training wheels can reduce the pain, but eventually they have to come off as well if you are going to enter the race yourself. Just looking at good code won't make you capable of writing it because it doesn't have the background of why it's like that instead of using this, or that, or perhaps one of those. The code "just is" because it's the product of Stage 4 skill, and that doesn;t help with Stage 1 problems.

It's also important to remember that moving between stages is scary, or painful, or difficult, or just requires effort - so you may have to revisit and reexplain stuff in order to get people through.

Since then, my teaching skill has been improving - I think - and I'm now fairly good at explaining Stage 4 stuff to Stage 1 people. Sometimes ... Laugh | :laugh:

Ineffective teaching? That's easy: indoor work with long holidays and no heavy lifting ... Big Grin | :-D
"I have no idea what I did, but I'm taking full credit for it." - ThisOldTony
"Common sense is so rare these days, it should be classified as a super power" - Random T-shirt
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GeneralRe: It's a surprisingly difficult job, teaching. Pin
ronlease1-Aug-22 2:12
professionalronlease1-Aug-22 2:12 
GeneralRe: It's a surprisingly difficult job, teaching. Pin
jeron11-Aug-22 5:13
jeron11-Aug-22 5:13 
GeneralRe: It's a surprisingly difficult job, teaching. Pin
kmoorevs1-Aug-22 6:29
kmoorevs1-Aug-22 6:29 
GeneralRe: It's a surprisingly difficult job, teaching. Pin
Nelek1-Aug-22 10:55
protectorNelek1-Aug-22 10:55 
GeneralRe: It's a surprisingly difficult job, teaching. Pin
Amarnath S3-Aug-22 2:47
professionalAmarnath S3-Aug-22 2:47 
GeneralRe: It's a surprisingly difficult job, teaching. Pin
rnbergren4-Aug-22 4:03
rnbergren4-Aug-22 4:03 
GeneralI'm actually training my mom right now... Pin
Sander Rossel31-Jul-22 21:32
professionalSander Rossel31-Jul-22 21:32 
GeneralRe: I'm actually training my mom right now... Pin
Richard MacCutchan1-Aug-22 2:14
mveRichard MacCutchan1-Aug-22 2:14 
GeneralDoes... Pin
Mehdi Gholam31-Jul-22 19:16
Mehdi Gholam31-Jul-22 19:16 
GeneralRe: Does... Pin
wmjordan1-Aug-22 0:19
professionalwmjordan1-Aug-22 0:19 

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