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Survey Results

Do you feel you fully understand the vision and purpose of the software project you're working on?

Survey period: 8 Aug 2022 to 15 Aug 2022

Sure you can be told the "what", but do you have the "why"?

Yes - I understand exactly why we're doing what we're doing, the problem it solves and the market it will serve15050.00
I mostly understand6622.00
I have a vague idea248.00
Some bits yes, some bits no.144.67
I'm not that interested to be honest113.67
No - because the vision seems to change daily124.00
No - they can't or won't or don't bother telling us51.67
No - there is no vision. It's a shambles134.33
I'm not working on a development project right now.217.00

Generalover the course of my career I have been at each stage Pin
rnbergren12-Aug-22 2:16
rnbergren12-Aug-22 2:16 Pin
tornike devnozashvili 202111-Aug-22 21:04
tornike devnozashvili 202111-Aug-22 21:04 
Generalyes, but ... Pin
BryanFazekas11-Aug-22 1:07
BryanFazekas11-Aug-22 1:07 
GeneralOther: Pin
PIEBALDconsult9-Aug-22 10:47
professionalPIEBALDconsult9-Aug-22 10:47 
GeneralI have my own company, so yes I understand everything! PinPopular
Fred Kreppert8-Aug-22 6:47
Fred Kreppert8-Aug-22 6:47 
I own my own company and control everything that is done. I am the only employee, so I hold every office in the company and make all the decisions. Heck, I am even the janitor as well. The software that I write is of my own choosing, which I design, use, market and sell myself. If I don't understand everything I would be out of business.

modified 8-Aug-22 12:54pm.

GeneralMultiple simultaneous states Pin
Marc Clifton8-Aug-22 1:41
mvaMarc Clifton8-Aug-22 1:41 
GeneralRe: Multiple simultaneous states Pin
Daniel Pfeffer8-Aug-22 6:14
professionalDaniel Pfeffer8-Aug-22 6:14 
GeneralRe: Multiple simultaneous states Pin
0x01AA10-Aug-22 0:13
mve0x01AA10-Aug-22 0:13 
GeneralOff time atm Pin
Nelek7-Aug-22 23:03
protectorNelek7-Aug-22 23:03 
GeneralBig Picture Pin
Amarnath S7-Aug-22 22:55
professionalAmarnath S7-Aug-22 22:55 

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