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Survey Results

How old is your newest graphics card?

Survey period: 22 Aug 2022 to 29 Aug 2022

"Your" means "of the machines you get to use day to day", and include eGPUs such as compute sticks or Thunderbolt eGPUs

Less than a year old7510.32
1 - 3 years old16322.42
3 - 5 years old14820.36
Older than 5 years17423.93
I only have an embedded GPU (eg Intel HD or Iris, Apple M1)16722.97

GeneralGTX1080ti Founders x 2 Pin
DaveAuld27-Aug-22 19:57
professionalDaveAuld27-Aug-22 19:57 
GeneralLess than 24 hours Pin
Fred Kreppert26-Aug-22 8:45
Fred Kreppert26-Aug-22 8:45 
Interesting question. Had I answered this survey on Monday I would have answered "Older than 5 years". I was busy and didn't get the chance to look at the survey at that time. Then, at about 5:00 AM on Tuesday morning my computer power supply died. I replaced it and got the computer working again, however, the graphics card would only work for about 20 minutes before causing the screen to go blank. It required rebooting the computer to get it to work properly again, for about 20 minutes. Off to the computer store I went again, looking for a new graphics card. I installed it on Thursday afternoon (a GeForce GTX1650), which is still less than 24 hours ago as I am writing this.

I just hope next week's survey doesn't ask about motherboard's, CPU's or memory. I don't need to be replacing them yet Sigh | :sigh:
GeneralRTX 3060 Pin
matblue2523-Aug-22 7:47
professionalmatblue2523-Aug-22 7:47 
GeneralRe: RTX 3060 Pin
BillWoodruff24-Aug-22 3:00
professionalBillWoodruff24-Aug-22 3:00 
GeneralRe: RTX 3060 Pin
matblue2525-Aug-22 10:19
professionalmatblue2525-Aug-22 10:19 
GeneralI don't really have a clue. Pin
rnbergren23-Aug-22 4:17
rnbergren23-Aug-22 4:17 
GeneralBlender speed up Pin
AndyChisholm23-Aug-22 2:17
AndyChisholm23-Aug-22 2:17 
GeneralNot a gamer, just a dev Pin
Cpichols23-Aug-22 1:57
Cpichols23-Aug-22 1:57 
General3070RTX Pin
Mike (Prof. Chuck)23-Aug-22 1:28
professionalMike (Prof. Chuck)23-Aug-22 1:28 
GeneralRTX 2080ti - not hash rate limited Pin
honey the codewitch22-Aug-22 13:49
mvahoney the codewitch22-Aug-22 13:49 
GeneralNo Idea Pin
snorkie22-Aug-22 10:09
professionalsnorkie22-Aug-22 10:09 
GeneralGTX1050 Pin
  Forogar  22-Aug-22 7:04
professional  Forogar  22-Aug-22 7:04 
GeneralHaven't bought a dedicated video card in years PinPopular
kmoorevs22-Aug-22 4:23
kmoorevs22-Aug-22 4:23 
GeneralI believe mine came with the machine Pin
MarcusCole683322-Aug-22 4:23
professionalMarcusCole683322-Aug-22 4:23 
GeneralRTX3080 Pin
Mike Hankey22-Aug-22 3:06
mveMike Hankey22-Aug-22 3:06 
GeneralRe: RTX3080 Pin
alan@1st-straw.com22-Aug-22 7:46
alan@1st-straw.com22-Aug-22 7:46 
GeneralRe: RTX3080 Pin
Mike Hankey22-Aug-22 7:52
mveMike Hankey22-Aug-22 7:52 
General1-3 years Pin
Nelek22-Aug-22 0:33
protectorNelek22-Aug-22 0:33 
GeneralI may have lied... Pin
Sander Rossel21-Aug-22 23:16
professionalSander Rossel21-Aug-22 23:16 
GeneralWoah, thinking about it ... Pin
OriginalGriff21-Aug-22 20:09
mvaOriginalGriff21-Aug-22 20:09 
GeneralMine is a GTX660ti ... Pin
OriginalGriff21-Aug-22 18:37
mvaOriginalGriff21-Aug-22 18:37 
GeneralRe: Mine is a GTX660ti ... Pin
trønderen22-Aug-22 4:09
trønderen22-Aug-22 4:09 

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