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Survey Results

When thinking about your job, how important is the option to work from home?

Survey period: 21 Nov 2022 to 28 Nov 2022

Some bosses are casual about where you work, and some, naming no names, will insist you're in the office, always. What are your thoughts?

Work from home, but I'm OK coming into the office a few times a month26834.49
I'm OK splitting my time between home and office11915.32
I will only work from home. No discussion10813.90
Office is OK, but I'd like to occasionally work from home8110.42
Office is OK, as long as I can work from home regularly759.65
I prefer working in an office719.14
I don't care as long as I get paid557.08

GeneralRe: Working From Office Benefits Other Businesses Pin
Martin ISDN24-Nov-22 4:39
Martin ISDN24-Nov-22 4:39 
GeneralRe: Working From Office Benefits Other Businesses Pin
BillWoodruff21-Nov-22 17:27
professionalBillWoodruff21-Nov-22 17:27 
GeneralRe: Working From Office Benefits Other Businesses Pin
MarkTJohnson22-Nov-22 2:42
professionalMarkTJohnson22-Nov-22 2:42 
GeneralI prefer my office, but... Pin
Sander Rossel20-Nov-22 21:23
professionalSander Rossel20-Nov-22 21:23 
GeneralRe: I prefer my office, but... Pin
KarstenK20-Nov-22 22:12
mveKarstenK20-Nov-22 22:12 
GeneralRe: I prefer my office, but... Pin
Nelek22-Nov-22 5:22
protectorNelek22-Nov-22 5:22 
Generalother Pin
V.20-Nov-22 21:10
professionalV.20-Nov-22 21:10 
General"Office" more like multimillion lab Pin
den2k8820-Nov-22 21:09
professionalden2k8820-Nov-22 21:09 
I am a software developer (who would have thought?) so I can do a lot from home, but the debug must be done in a laboratory with expensive instrumentation and bulky frames, plus a the selection of different models.

The bare minimum instrumentation I use costs upwards of 50k, requires more power to operate than what a home in Italy gets from the line (3.6 kW max for each home contract, 6 kW if you have an EV, pay a premium and your line supports it) and at 3-phase 380V to boot, which isn't available at all in homes.

When we get to thermal chambers, EMC rooms, anechoic chambers and load tests there is no way I can stay away from the lab proper.

That said there have been long stretches of time (months) where I worked exclusively from my office desk and could have debugged with less than 2k€ of instrumentation that would easily fit in place of my flight simulator joystick at home so...
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GeneralRe: "Office" more like multimillion lab Pin
BillWoodruff21-Nov-22 17:29
professionalBillWoodruff21-Nov-22 17:29 
GeneralRe: "Office" more like multimillion lab Pin
den2k8821-Nov-22 23:14
professionalden2k8821-Nov-22 23:14 
GeneralRe: "Office" more like multimillion lab Pin
Cosmic Turnip24-Nov-22 8:47
Cosmic Turnip24-Nov-22 8:47 
GeneralRe: "Office" more like multimillion lab Pin
den2k8824-Nov-22 20:22
professionalden2k8824-Nov-22 20:22 
GeneralMulti-select Pin
PIEBALDconsult20-Nov-22 18:10
mvePIEBALDconsult20-Nov-22 18:10 

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