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Survey Results

Were you affected by the geomagnetic storms this past weekend?

Survey period: 13 May 2024 to 20 May 2024

Communication disruptions, electrified pipes, random unexplained blue-screens in Windows - the list of effects is terrifying.

No - absolutely nothing to report43585.63
Maybe. Or it could have just been the nylon carpet316.10
A little. (and please share the details)50.98
Yes, a lot. (and we absolutely need details!)50.98
Geomagnetic what?326.30

GeneralI'm Not Sure, But Maybe... Pin
Roger Wright11-Jun-24 19:20
professionalRoger Wright11-Jun-24 19:20 
I have a solar PV generation array producing 840 kW AC power and controlled by a Tesla Site Controller. The monitoring software suddenly displayed momentary communications failures, mostly in the daytime, on May 15th, then cleared up without any intervention on the 24th. I considered the storms to be a possible cause, but this started about a week after all the storms supposedly ended, I think. Weird stuff, especially since Tesla refuses to support their products and answer questions.
Will Rogers never met me.

GeneralAm I the only one? Pin
Chris Maunder15-May-24 10:37
cofounderChris Maunder15-May-24 10:37 
GeneralRe: Am I the only one? Pin
jeron116-May-24 4:11
jeron116-May-24 4:11 
GeneralI had a blue screen...out of the blue Pin
Michael Sydney Balloni15-May-24 6:40
professionalMichael Sydney Balloni15-May-24 6:40 
Generalmaybe Pin
JudyL_MD15-May-24 4:02
JudyL_MD15-May-24 4:02 
GeneralMaybe Pin
englebart14-May-24 15:37
professionalenglebart14-May-24 15:37 
GeneralNo Pin
PIEBALDconsult14-May-24 14:58
mvePIEBALDconsult14-May-24 14:58 
GeneralPossibly? Pin
dandy7214-May-24 7:05
dandy7214-May-24 7:05 
GeneralIt's a "maybe but unlikely" for me. Pin
OriginalGriff14-May-24 6:11
mveOriginalGriff14-May-24 6:11 
GeneralRe: It's a "maybe but unlikely" for me. Pin
dandy7214-May-24 6:34
dandy7214-May-24 6:34 
GeneralRe: It's a "maybe but unlikely" for me. Pin
enhzflep17-May-24 13:14
enhzflep17-May-24 13:14 
Generala new survey was created ? Pin
maze314-May-24 4:52
professionalmaze314-May-24 4:52 
GeneralStaying Up Late count? Pin
snorkie14-May-24 2:07
professionalsnorkie14-May-24 2:07 

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