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Microsoft Excel


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by Alex Pumpet
A simple program for comparing table data from two sources - SQL databases, Excel, CSV or XML-files
by yuvalsol
Create professional-looking Excels (Filters, Charts, Pivot Tables) with EPPlus
by William Hey
Classical number theories
by Bert O Neill
Query Hadoop using Microsoft oriented technologies (C#, SSIS, SQL Server, Excel etc.)

Latest Articles

by Erik Drent
A simple POCO mapper for EPPlus
by W. García
VBA solution for CSV parsing problem
by Gustav Brock
Format amounts in VBA using the Indian number format for currency and amounts
by IvanFeng
With AutoExcel, you can quickly import and export Excel without hard coding, and embrace changes.

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Microsoft Excel 

20 Mar 2018 by Alex Pumpet
A simple program for comparing table data from two sources - SQL databases, Excel, CSV or XML-files
23 May 2018 by yuvalsol
Create professional-looking Excels (Filters, Charts, Pivot Tables) with EPPlus
29 Dec 2015 by Bert O Neill
Query Hadoop using Microsoft oriented technologies (C#, SSIS, SQL Server, Excel etc.)
31 May 2010 by Kunal Chowdhury «IN»
Silverlight 4 has the feature to talk with Excel or any other application using the COM API. In this article, I will guide you to understand this feature step-by-step.
25 Jun 2014 by Shenwei Liu
Convert a generic list to an Excel byte array using Open XML SDK and dynamically create an Excel file for data distributions from an ASP.NET MVC website
21 Jan 2015 by Syed Umar Anis
ExcelXMLExport is a Microsoft Excel 2010 / 2013 Add-in that generates XML data from Excel sheet.
12 Apr 2016 by bradyguy
An end to end view of how to integrate Jira REST API's with Excel.
17 Aug 2012 by Clifford Nelson
A framework for scanning a worksheet for headers, reading and validating data, providing feedback to the user, and displaying the data in a form with the results.
30 Aug 2017 by simonp_ca
Use Excel worksheet's cells as pixels to render real image (for fun and experiment)
21 Feb 2012 by Christian Leutloff
Comparison of the Excel Object Library and the native C# library NPOI to extract information from .xls files.
31 May 2016 by William Hey
Semi-Prime Ordered Sequences (Part 2) is the follow-on to “Exploring Computational Number Theory (Part 1)” and describes a process for ordering the semi-prime base sequences.
25 Nov 2017 by Daniel Carvalho Liedke
Project to generate Excel Spreadsheet from DataSet with auto size (AutoFit) columns, auto-filter, alternating light blue background color with Open XML using ASP.NET MVC
18 Nov 2023 by Erik Drent
A simple POCO mapper for EPPlus
13 Jun 2013 by Adam Tibi
Exposing .NET functions to be consumed as Excel functions, otherwise known in Excel as "User Defined Functions" . Those .NET exposed functions can be easily used from Excel's cells. This article presents two ways to achieve this and the pros and cons of each.
5 Jun 2014 by Shenwei Liu
C# class that populates a generic list with data retrieved from Excel data file
16 Apr 2013 by Muhammed Anseer K K
Creating a metro style application with WCF
23 Jul 2013 by Christian Del Bianco
Automate the process of set value to Excel cells, assigning a cell name that matches the query result column name, leaving the end user the possibility to change the layout template.
11 May 2015 by markgwatts
Converting Sudoku Solver from Excel to C#
29 Jun 2010 by Izhar Lotem
Filter and export to Excel ListView data using MVVM standards.
20 Feb 2019 by JL Doty
App to monitor a system's sensors, with added features
6 May 2018 by Sam__Khan
Automated Craigslist parsing with Selenium using Node.js
30 Jul 2019 by Lee P Richardson
Fighting File Downloads and Dinosaurs with NSwag via ASP.NET Boilerplate
2 Jul 2016 by Six Hat Solutions
Easily Send Emails From Your Microsoft Applications Using VBA and the SendGrid API
28 Oct 2019 by stc.reseller
Helpful tips in labeling Office files or how to make Office file changes statistically visible, in one single step
1 Jan 2016 by HadyAllam
Use Microsoft Excel to generate TFS reports and Create/Modify Work Items
1 Nov 2018 by Bahrudin Hrnjica
Export options in ANNdotNET
11 Oct 2013 by ASP.NET Community
 Here am trying to show how we can export an image to excel file.References Used: Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel;Link for downloading the dlls
21 Jun 2016 by Dave “DWC” Curry
This tutorial will show you a good starting point for a WPF style framework which aims to make creating and maintaining Excel-worksheet-forms easier.
1 Feb 2021 by Gustav Brock
Format amounts in VBA using the Indian number format for currency and amounts
11 Oct 2013 by ASP.NET Community
Hello All,Here I am posting code, which will read through a Excel Document. This code will traverse through all sheets of Excel spread sheet, No
11 Oct 2013 by ASP.NET Community
In this Article we are going to read and understand how in a web application we can export a gridview data into Excel file. As many times in real
11 Oct 2013 by ASP.NET Community
I’ve been heads down for the last several weeks Scrumming and it has been a while since I’ve updated my blog so I figured if I was going to keep your
26 Sep 2014 by Alvin Ashcraft
Last June, I reviewed the Aspose.Email for .NET component and demonstrated how to work with email messages in PST files or via IMAP. Well, I am back again for a look at another Aspose package. This one is Aspose.Cells for .NET.
17 Apr 2016 by Alex_2979
A lot of modern Business Intelligence solutions offer to transfer work of analysts to developers or rise technical level of business analysts, make them closer to developers. Instead of it, I advise to consider a solution, which takes information from Database and gives it to business analysts.
30 Dec 2019 by Ri Xu
This post shows you how to import and export Excel XLSX in Go language.
21 Mar 2018 by moneema14
Describes a generic approach which extracts object list of a given type from spreadsheet
2 Sep 2014 by gjvdkamp
This is a minimalistic example of how WCF, Rx and Excel-DNA can be used to stream realtime data to an Excel client.
16 Jan 2018 by Pragmateek
Using an Access, MySQL, PostgreSQL or SQLite Database from VBA
25 Mar 2013 by Rajendra Kondapalli
This article will guide the developers on how you can connect to excel files using ADO.NET and modify the sheets
18 Aug 2011 by Herre Kuijpers
A utility that allows you to enter simple and more complex mathematical formulas which will be evaluated and calculated on the spot
30 Mar 2016 by koolprasad2003
Read write Excel file without interop using OLEDB in C#
20 Sep 2011 by Santx - Santosh
A simple description of LP and instructions to use Excel Solver for solving problems
18 Sep 2018 by Randy C Finch
A search for efficient algorithms to find Ruth-Aaron pairs
22 May 2012 by hevesir
A simple way to create your own Google map from several locations.
16 Aug 2015 by Bharath K A
Build your own cloud spreadsheet (like Microsoft Excel, google sheets) that exposes shreadsheet workbook via web browser. Users can create excel like spreadsheets using web browser save it, share it, put formulas to compute data in the sheet etc.
25 Jan 2011 by Alexey Merson
This article demonstrates how to get the Excel Range object from the Clipboard using the CF_LINKSOURCE Clipboard format.
9 May 2017 by Muhammad_Faraz
Take HTML structure of a table & export to a genuine Excel file - Sever side processing
25 Nov 2016 by JamesFaix
.NET library to access to any running instance of Excel.
12 Aug 2019 by Mohammed Dawood Ansari
"How to export the List into an Excel file" in a generic way using NPOI with .NET/.NET Core WEB API
5 May 2016 by Alex Chirokov
This article shows how to implement Sudoku solver in Excel using C# and Excel-DNA
30 Jul 2010 by Danny Siew of Melbourne
Shows how to create an Excel 2007 document using C# and Open XML SDK 2.0 for Microsoft Office.
17 Aug 2016 by Michael Ecklin
Very often, Excel spreadsheets are using to transfer data between applications. CSV files are also used for the same purposes.
2 Aug 2010 by rajeshitpro
Excel XML Writer /Reader - Enables to generate Excel XML with hidden columns and lookups
20 Jul 2015 by DriveByCoder
XLL Auto-Generation - An Example of a Metadata Driven Tool
3 May 2016 by Alex Chirokov
Adding interpolation functions to the Excel using C# and Excel-DNA
25 Jun 2017 by Roshan Choudhary
Creating ExcelSheet with dropdown containing pre populated dropdown data of its own excelsheet.
3 Jun 2013 by StewBob
This article gives a method for using Excel VBA to convert discrete data points into a histogram.
3 Jul 2012 by Muammar©
Dynamic data retrieval from Oracle database to Excel sheet based on a parameter from Excel cell value
7 Mar 2012 by Yiannis Spyridakis
This articles describes the implementation of functors (of sorts) for VBA using C++ ATL.
20 Nov 2013 by Terence Wallace
Ordermate can be used as a basic example of utilizing the XMLSerializer class to automate the creation of invoice forms.
15 Jan 2012 by Al Moje
Upload Excel Spreadsheet File to Server, then Display Record(s) in Gridview
25 Jul 2017 by Jose Segarra
A front-end library to create Excel files, including formatting and styling cells
14 Nov 2014 by Senthil Sambandam
Huge data transfer to Excel in a fast and efficient manner
6 May 2010 by Barath Balachandran
A method to send future updates/upgrades of your Office 2003 solutions to your end user seamlessly without any user intervention.
13 Jan 2021 by IvanFeng
With AutoExcel, you can quickly import and export Excel without hard coding, and embrace changes.
20 Jun 2012 by Antonio Lopez R
Create an Excel file from data table without Excel using Report Viewer control.
3 Sep 2013 by Eric Reynolds
ExcelPython is a lightweight COM library which enables you to call Python code and manipulate Python objects from Excel VBA.
26 Jan 2015 by Alexandros Pappas
This article proposes a way to do book-keeping for home use.
1 Dec 2010 by Brian C Hart
A class that accepts a reference to an Excel.Worksheet and lets you use an overloaded subscript operator to cleanly and intuitively read/write the Value2 of Excel cells, and get the Excel.Range corresponding to a given cell.
21 Dec 2011 by Arif-Imran
Exporting data to Excel is an every day requirement for many solution providers. This article shows how to migrate your data to Excel using simple HTML.
2 Nov 2019 by stc.reseller
How to stay secure by using Excel formulas instead of writing VBA code?
14 Jun 2018 by paolo guccini
How to use the Microsoft Interop/Automation to implement parallel research of a Microsoft Office file password.
17 Apr 2019 by WasiUllah Khan
Automated Pakwheels parsing with Selenium and Python
24 Feb 2019 by WhiskeyBeforeWater
An unbalanced basic recursive Binary Search Tree for Excel VBA with functions (insert, search, delete, in order, pre-order, post-order, minimum, and maximum)