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Posted 28 Dec 2010

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Custom WPF TextBox Style

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28 Dec 2010CPOL
TextBox Style which resembles the Twitter's text field.
Download TwitterTextBox for WPF Demo and Source Code

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This tip was written to demonstrate how to customize the rendering of the standard TextBox control provided by Microsoft. You can use this custom style to achieve the Twitter's TextBox look and feel.

Using the Style

To make use of the custom Style you need to set the Style property of your TextBox controls.

The example code below demonstrates how to apply the style:

<TextBox Style="{StaticResource TwitterTextBoxStyle}" Height="25" Name="textBox1" Width="300" />

Points of Interest

I have made this TextBox Style as part of my university project. I wanted to add to my application some cool glow effects and animations.


This article, along with any associated source code and files, is licensed under The Code Project Open License (CPOL)

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GeneralFYI - Textbox.Tag is bound to the watermark Pin
Bogatitus17-Jun-19 11:34
Bogatitus17-Jun-19 11:34 
GeneralReason for my vote of 1 not helpful Pin
st0rmrd17-Aug-11 2:36
st0rmrd17-Aug-11 2:36 
GeneralThanks for the code sample, just what I needed! Pin
Riaan77721-Jul-11 1:56
Riaan77721-Jul-11 1:56 
GeneralThis is just a short article(tip), it should not be too long... Pin
John_Smith785-Jan-11 0:52
John_Smith785-Jan-11 0:52 
GeneralJohn i am well versed with WPF! but what about others? you s... Pin
Tarun.K.S30-Dec-10 8:38
Tarun.K.S30-Dec-10 8:38 
John i am well versed with WPF! but what about others? you should explain how to do it. Like how to apply control template etc.
GeneralThe provided Style definition extends the standard TextBox's... Pin
John_Smith7829-Dec-10 3:19
John_Smith7829-Dec-10 3:19 
GeneralReason for my vote of 2 No explanation at all! Pin
Tarun.K.S29-Dec-10 2:17
Tarun.K.S29-Dec-10 2:17 
GeneralStill no explanation of what this is all about. Pin
Richard MacCutchan24-Dec-10 7:27
mveRichard MacCutchan24-Dec-10 7:27 

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