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Posted 18 Apr 2011


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Text box to accept only number

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23 Apr 2011CPOL
Text box to accept only number
   <SCRIPT language=Javascript>
      function isNumberKey(evt)
         var charCode = (evt.which) ? evt.which : event.keyCode
         if (charCode > 31 && (charCode < 48 || charCode > 57))
            return false;
         return true;
      <INPUT id="txtChar" onkeypress="return isNumberKey(event)" type="text" name="txtChar">

Just paste the Script Section in the Head section and in on key press call the function.
For C#, just paste the following code:

function allownumbers(e) {
        var key = window.event ? e.keyCode : e.which;
        var keychar = String.fromCharCode(key);
        var reg = new RegExp("[0-9.]")
        if (key == 8) {
            keychar = String.fromCharCode(key);

And in PageLoad:
txtNum.Attributes.Add("onkeypress", "javascript:return allownumbers(event);");


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lovepreet_shota18-Jun-11 17:15 
GeneralThis is all well and good unless of course my keyboards numb... Pin
Ed Nutting23-Apr-11 2:40
Ed Nutting23-Apr-11 2:40 
This is all well and good unless of course my keyboards number keys don't match char codes 31 and 48 to 57.... You ought to be using '9' instead of 57 etc. to allow for different keyboards. Otherwise, this is a good example (though vars in C# are messy if you ask me. Why not use some proper types? :/ )
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AspDotNetDev23-Apr-11 18:51
protectorAspDotNetDev23-Apr-11 18:51 
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Huisheng Chen24-Apr-11 3:05 
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Prasad_Kulkarni27-Dec-11 18:52
Prasad_Kulkarni27-Dec-11 18:52 

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