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Posted 23 Jun 2011

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String concatenation using LINQ to create a CSV/PSV string

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26 Jun 2011CPOL
A tip to concatenate a set of strings using comma/pipe

Consider you have a set of string names: Chin, Rahul, and John. And you would like to build a comma separated string from the collection. We can do this using the Aggregate extension in LINQ as follows:

IEnumerable<string> sList = 
  new List<string> {"Chin", "Rahul", "John"};
var commaSeparated = sList.Aggregate((x, y) => x + "," + y);
var pipeSeparated = sList.Aggregate((x, y) => x + "|" + y);

Here is the expected output:



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Comments and Discussions

GeneralI think this will be slower compared to the string.Join meth... Pin
RakeshMeena26-Jun-11 19:18
RakeshMeena26-Jun-11 19:18 
GeneralWhat is the performance difference between that and Join(sLi... Pin
dgauerke26-Jun-11 10:04
dgauerke26-Jun-11 10:04 
GeneralWill it not be slow enough to go this way?! Pin
Ravi Sant26-Jun-11 8:37
Ravi Sant26-Jun-11 8:37 
GeneralYou need to think about escaping as well as (pointed out alr... Pin
Henry.Ayoola23-Jun-11 21:34
Henry.Ayoola23-Jun-11 21:34 
You need to think about escaping as well as (pointed out already by @AspDotNetDev) not doing naïve string composition in a loop.
GeneralThink there are syntax errors in the code. list.Aggregate sh... Pin
George Swan23-Jun-11 20:16
mveGeorge Swan23-Jun-11 20:16 
GeneralRe: a type mistake. thanks for pointing out. Pin
JP_Rocks26-Jun-11 8:35
JP_Rocks26-Jun-11 8:35 
GeneralWould work OK for short lists. Would probably go with a Stri... Pin
AspDotNetDev23-Jun-11 5:16
protectorAspDotNetDev23-Jun-11 5:16 

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