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Posted 3 Oct 2011

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Calculate the Factorial of an Integer in C#

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4 Oct 2011CPOL
I looked for a while over the net for a way to easily calculate a factorial value (n!), but nothing was helping and I saw some VERY long and drawn out solutions. Well, it wasn't that hard after I thought about it for a while and this was the easiest solution I could come up with. I hope it helps!

The code below is what I put in my event handler. The comment lists my class variables used.

int Factorial(int input)
    int answer = 0;

    if (input > 0)
        count = 1;
        while (count <= input)
            if (count == 1)
                answer= 1;
                answer = count * answer;
        MessageBox.Show("Please enter only a positive integer.");

    return answer;


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