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Posted 24 Nov 2011

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Difference between this->CMyClass::CMyClass() and CMyClass()

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30 Nov 2011CPOL
Why does it have to be this complicated to call a constructor
The purpose of this writing is to illustrate how constructors can be called in Visual Studio.
I am not suggesting to call constructors explicitly. Here is the queston:

Why does it have to be this complicated to call a constructor:

instead of just CMyClass();

See function f() in the following example.
struct CMyClass
	int mi;
		printf("%d\n", mi);
	void f()  

In this->CMyClass::CMyClass();
'this' is required; Otherwise it creates a temporary object instead of calling constructor.
'CMyClass::' is required; otherwise CMyClass is interpreted as a type instead of a constructor.

I also made a test case on my blog


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Comments and Discussions

GeneralThis code runs as expected on Visual Studio 2010, which has ... Pin
RioWing29-Nov-11 5:52
RioWing29-Nov-11 5:52 
GeneralReason for my vote of 1 I don't know which compiler you used... Pin
Alex Cohn29-Nov-11 2:05
Alex Cohn29-Nov-11 2:05 
GeneralReason for my vote of 1 There is no reason to call the const... Pin
matt_taws29-Nov-11 0:56
matt_taws29-Nov-11 0:56 
GeneralReason for my vote of 1 What about the "placement new" opera... Pin
giulicard28-Nov-11 20:49
giulicard28-Nov-11 20:49 
GeneralIt's not clear what you expect to happen. You have a class ... Pin
Jon Summers28-Nov-11 8:42
Jon Summers28-Nov-11 8:42 
It's not clear what you expect to happen. You have a class (a struct can viewed as a class having all its members public) named CMyClass. It has a function f();
Calling a class constructor within a member of that class doesn't make a lot of sense.
Why not do this?
CMyclass oMyClass; // Constructor called automatically
oMyClass.f (); // ???
GeneralRe: I am only trying to illustrate how to call a constructor. A ... Pin
RioWing28-Nov-11 9:42
RioWing28-Nov-11 9:42 

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