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Why get a Mentor?

  1. Why get a Mentor?

    Aside from helping get your article approved, a Mentor can help you:

    • Increase your article's exposure - the higher the quality of the article, the greater the exposure
    • Improve your programming, writing, and teaching abilities
    • Make your article more understandable to more readers
    • Possibly help your article enter competitions and win great prizes!

    Take this user's article. Here is the initial submitted article: Digital Thermometer using c# and a microcontroller (version 1). Great idea, but not quite enough explanation.

    Now see the final version: Digital Thermometer using C# and a microcontroller. The improvements and benefits are apparent. Better ratings, more comments, and greater interest in the topic! Better still, this article is up for two monthly competitions, the best C# article and the best overall article of the month!

  2. How do authors ask for help?

    CodeProject asks you! If your article is on the "Articles Needing Approval" list, an editor will send you an e-mail requesting your permission for Mentor assistance.

  3. How do Mentors communicate?

    After volunteering, a Mentor leaves a comment on author's article to offer assistance and suggestions for improving the article.

  4. How long does the process take?

    Sometimes the time it takes to approve an article can vary depending on what kind of improvements are needed, how long it takes to improve the article, and the length of the list of articles needing to be approved.