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Mobile Neural Networks On Android with TensorFlow Lite

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    Setting Up an Android AI Development Environment

    This is the first in a series of articles on using TensorFlow Lite on Android to bring the power of machine learning and deep neural networks to mobile application
    Added 17 Sep 2020
  2. 1

    Using an ONNX Neural Network Model with TensorFlow Lite on Android

    In this article we will take a pre-trained neural network and adapt it for use in TensorFlow Lite.
    Added 17 Sep 2020
  3. 2

    Creating an Android AI App With Tensorflow Lite

    In this article we will create an Android application and import our TensorFlow Lite model into it.
    Added 18 Sep 2020
  4. 3

    Visualizing TensorFlow Lite AI Results on Android

    In the previous installation of this series, a TensorFlow Lite interpreter had examined an image and produced its output. In this article we learn how to interpret these results and create visualizations for them.
    Added 21 Sep 2020
  5. 4

    Android Tensorflow Lite Best Practices and Optimizations

    In this article we will consider the ways in which the network could be further optimized.
    Added 22 Sep 2020
  6. 5

    Training Your Own TensorFlow Neural Network For Android

    In this article we will generate output from a program will provide a TensorFlow freeze graph ready to be used or converted to TensorFlow Lite.
    Added 23 Sep 2020