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Video Face Transfer with Deep Fakes

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    Video Face Transfer with Deep Fakes

    In the previous article I gave a general overview of deep fakes generation and the elements involved in the process.
    Added 25 Mar 2021
  2. 1

    Approaches to Generating Deep Fakes

    In this article I’ll explain the different options we can choose from to create deep fakes.
    Added 25 Mar 2021
  3. 2

    Using Autoencoders for Deep Fake Generation

    In this article we’ll start to focus on our DIY approach.
    Added 26 Mar 2021
  4. 3

    Preprocessing a Dataset for Deep Fakes

    In this article, I’ll go through what’s required to preprocess videos and prepare them to be fed into our models.
    Added 29 Mar 2021
  5. 4

    Building and Training Deep Fake Autoencoders

    In this article we'll build and train our models with them.
    Added 30 Mar 2021
  6. 5

    A Brief Docker Overview

    In this article, I’ll talk about Docker containers.
    Added 31 Mar 2021
  7. 6

    Preparing to Train Deep Fake Models in the Cloud

    In this article I’ll show you how to train your deep fake models in the cloud with some help from Docker.
    Added 1 Apr 2021
  8. 7

    Building a Docker Container to Train Deep Fake Autoencoders

    In the next article, we talked about Google AI Platform and how to train your models there with some help from Docker containers.
    Added 5 Apr 2021
  9. 8

    Putting it all Together: Swapping Faces with Deep Fakes

    In this article, we complete the pipeline for our Deep Fakes DIY solution.
    Added 6 Apr 2021
  10. 9

    DeepFaceLab: A Pre-Packaged Alternative DIY Deep Fakes

    In this article we’ll explore DeepFaceLab as an alternative to our last approach.
    Added 8 Apr 2021