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by SleepyCrat at 3-Mar-20 9:41  
at Article "technical blog "Securing a Website Using Firebase, Angular 8, and ASP.Net Core 3.1""
by SleepyCrat at 27-Feb-20 8:56  
at Article "technical blog "Raw Websockets Minigame with Angular and Core""
by SleepyCrat at 17-Feb-20 13:13  
at Article "technical blog "Securing a Website Using Firebase, Angular 8, and ASP.Net Core 3.1""
by SleepyCrat at 2-Jun-14 8:26  
at Article "technical blog "Uploading and Viewing Images With ASP.Net MVC and Mongo DB""
by SleepyCrat at 8-Oct-13 5:41  
at Article "technical blog "Yahoo’s YQL API and C# Tutorial""
by SleepyCrat at 26-Sep-13 4:37  
at Article "technical blog "Integrating and Using Github in Visual Studio 2012""
by SleepyCrat at 11-Mar-13 6:46  
at Article "technical blog "Dynamic Two Way Real Time Map – Using SignalR and Google Maps""
by SleepyCrat at 26-Feb-13 5:28   Score: 5.00 (1 vote).
at Article "article "C# and Ruby Classes""
by SleepyCrat at 13-Feb-13 6:05   Score: 1.00 (1 vote).
at Article "Article "ASP.NET application and page life cycle""
by SleepyCrat at 7-Feb-13 12:28  
at Article "Article "DataAnnotations Validation for Beginner""
by SleepyCrat at 29-Oct-12 10:23  
at Article "article "HTML5, JavaScript, Knockout, JQuery, Guide for Recovering Silverlight/WPF/C# Addicts. Part 1 - JavaScript and DOM.""
by SleepyCrat at 5-Oct-12 2:44  
at Article "article "Understanding and Implementing Builder Pattern in C#""
by SleepyCrat at 6-Sep-12 3:16  
at Article "article "A Beginner's Tutorial on Operator Overloading in C#""
by SleepyCrat at 21-Aug-12 3:05  
at Article "article "Starting with Prism - Part 1 of n""
by SleepyCrat at 21-Aug-12 2:45   Score: 5.00 (1 vote).
at Article "Article "Uploading and returning files in ASP.NET MVC""
by SleepyCrat at 9-May-12 3:42  
at Article "article "Learn MVC (Model view controller) Step by Step in 7days – Day 3""
by SleepyCrat at 1-May-12 5:35  
at Article "article "ASP.NET MVC3 Razor With JQuery For Beginners""
by SleepyCrat at 4-Apr-12 1:53  
at Article "Article "How to Create a Visual Library of Images in HTML5 Canvas""
by SleepyCrat at 1-Feb-11 7:03  
at Article "Article "Debugging, Tracing and Instrumentation in .NET and ASP.NET (14 FAQ)""
by SleepyCrat at 6-Jan-11 16:45  
at Article "Article "SQL Injection and Cross-Site Scripting""
by SleepyCrat at 6-Dec-10 11:16  
at Article "Article "Quick ways to boost performance and scalability of ASP.NET, WCF and Desktop Clients""
by SleepyCrat at 12-Feb-08 3:33  
at Article "Article "Document SQL server 2000/2005 database""
by SleepyCrat at 16-Jun-06 7:02  
at Article "Membership and Role providers for MySQL"