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by dmjm-h at 11-Apr-23 12:01  
at Article "tip/trick "Very simple conversion of bitmap to indexed bitmap""
by dmjm-h at 20-Mar-23 12:51  
at Article "technical blog "Iterator Benchmarks That Shocked With Unexpected Results""
by dmjm-h at 22-Jan-23 9:26  
at Article "technical blog "Software Development Principle - Don't Repeat Yourself (DRY)""
by dmjm-h at 16-Nov-22 11:27   Score: 5.00 (1 vote).
at Article "article "Part 2: GridView VS dynamic HTML Table (ASP.NET WebForms)""
by dmjm-h at 18-Apr-22 12:15  
at Article "article "Discussing alternative memory management strategy for .NET""
by dmjm-h at 10-Mar-22 6:42  
at Article "technical blog "How to do an Impossible Join with String Split""
by dmjm-h at 4-Jan-22 11:45  
at Article "technical blog "Upgrading from .NET Core 2.1 to .NET 6.0""
Question ??? [^]
by dmjm-h at 21-Sep-21 10:51  
at Article "article "A Step-by-Step Look At The Power Of Layer7 API Management""
by dmjm-h at 16-Aug-21 13:12  
at Article "tip/trick "How to start the homework or a developer career?""
by dmjm-h at 16-Jun-21 9:50  
at Article "tip/trick "XML Application Settings""
by dmjm-h at 5-Apr-21 11:54  
at Article "article "Corona SEIR Workbench""
by dmjm-h at 1-Feb-21 12:40   Score: 5.00 (1 vote).
at Article "article "Symbolic Integration with C#""
by dmjm-h at 11-Jan-21 4:50  
at Article "article "Simple Introduction to Monads""
by dmjm-h at 22-Jul-20 11:06  
at Article "tip/trick "An Exploration of alternatives to if-then-else workflows""
by dmjm-h at 4-May-20 13:04  
at Article "article "Access to EXIF tags in JPEG files""
by dmjm-h at 26-Mar-20 12:51  
at Article "tip/trick "Removing the minutes and seconds from a DATETIME""
by dmjm-h at 4-Mar-20 12:22  
at Article "article "Inside Out C# development using Visual Studio Code""
by dmjm-h at 24-Feb-20 4:02  
at Article "article "Building auth endpoint with Go and AWS Lambda""
by dmjm-h at 20-Feb-20 10:58   Score: 5.00 (1 vote).
at Article "article "Building auth endpoint with Go and AWS Lambda""
Question gif [^]
by dmjm-h at 8-Jan-20 12:36  
at Article "technical blog "Why is My SQL Server Query Slow?""
by dmjm-h at 3-Jan-20 4:27  
at Article "tip/trick "Types don't match between the anchor and the recursive part in column...""
by dmjm-h at 9-Aug-19 12:00  
at Article "article "Easily Add a Ribbon Into WinForm Application""
by dmjm-h at 23-Jul-19 9:59   Score: 5.00 (2 votes).
at Article "article "Bring Your Existing Application to Microsoft Store""
by dmjm-h at 26-Jun-19 7:40  
at Article "article "Lessons from a Life in a Chair""
by dmjm-h at 23-May-19 11:37  
at Article "technical blog "Effective Shell Interlude: Understanding the Shell""
by dmjm-h at 12-Apr-19 12:46  
at Article "article "Ms. Scrabbler - She's a Smart Word Rambler!""
by dmjm-h at 28-Jan-19 3:53  
at Article "article "C# Source for SQL Formatting""
by dmjm-h at 25-Jan-19 10:51  
at Article "article "C# Source for SQL Formatting""
Question typo? [^]
by dmjm-h at 15-Nov-18 12:04   Score: 5.00 (1 vote).
at Article "technical blog "FileSystem Syncher – Part 3""
by dmjm-h at 15-Nov-18 11:35   Score: 1.00 (1 vote).
at Article "article "The Hidden Side-effect of Enums and Values""
Question SOID [^]
by dmjm-h at 5-Nov-18 13:04  
at Article "article "Understand Liskov Substitution Principle (LSP)""
by dmjm-h at 29-Oct-18 11:32  
at Article "article "Manipulating GIF color tables""
by dmjm-h at 17-Oct-18 13:13   Score: 5.00 (1 vote).
at Article "article "A Re-Introduction to C# References Post C# 7""
by dmjm-h at 25-Sep-18 13:40  
at Article "tip/trick "Passing DbNull.Value to an SQL Image column""
by dmjm-h at 20-Sep-18 11:24  
at Article "article "How Baseball Led to a Quest for Software Coding Optimization""
by dmjm-h at 25-Apr-18 10:32   Score: 5.00 (1 vote).
at Article "article "Customized Casting With ObjectCaster""
by dmjm-h at 15-Mar-18 12:38   Score: 5.00 (1 vote).
at Article "article "Dependency Injection using Unity: Resolve dependency of dependencies ""
by dmjm-h at 8-Feb-18 10:23  
at Article "article "Repeatable Read and Serializable Isolation Level""
by dmjm-h at 6-Feb-18 9:30  
at Article "tip/trick "Supress Windows Authentication Popup When Accessing Local Machine Info""
by dmjm-h at 6-Feb-18 9:26  
at Article "technical blog "Troubleshooting SQL Code Using Comments""
by dmjm-h at 2-Jan-18 12:15   Score: 5.00 (4 votes).
at Article "article "Code Review - What You Can Learn From a Single Line of Code""
by dmjm-h at 4-Dec-17 9:29  
at Article "article "A short tale on two patterns that live in .NET""
by dmjm-h at 20-Nov-17 9:56  
at Article "article "Why does x = ++x + x++ give me the wrong answer?""
by dmjm-h at 30-Oct-17 10:38  
at Article "tip/trick "How to use a Stored Procedure inside an SQL query""
by dmjm-h at 12-Oct-17 10:40  
at Article "tip/trick "C# Break-The-Bricks Game""
by dmjm-h at 6-Jul-17 8:45  
at Article "technical blog "Single Line Conditional Operators in .Net""
by dmjm-h at 23-Jun-17 9:37   Score: 3.67 (2 votes).
at Article "article "Combination of Id-ParentId and HierarchyId Approaches to Hierarchical Data""
by dmjm-h at 15-May-17 11:19  
at Article "technical blog "Geeks Gifts: Surprise a Girl with Cats or Flowers Wallpaper Changing App""
by dmjm-h at 1-May-17 11:27  
at Article "technical blog "Contributing to .NET for Dummies""
by dmjm-h at 24-Apr-17 12:45  
at Article "tip/trick "Showing method parameter values in Callstack window""

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