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Newsletter - 09 May 2022

Weekly Newsletter (9 May 2022)
Welcome to this week's newsletter from CodeProject.
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Weekly Poll Results

Which devices or platforms would you most like to program?

Survey period: 2 May 2022 to 9 May 2022

Imagine you had the tools and experience to mess around with any piece of code on any piece of hardware. What would be on your TODO list?

Your car's infotainment and management system20232.53
Your home appliances (fridge, TV, HVAC)17428.02
Home connected devices (hubs, security, webcams, smoke / leak detectors, smart lights)25841.55
Elevators. (surely someone here can fix their code?)457.25
Traffic management systems (eg. traffic lights)17528.18
Autonomous robots22235.75
Attached medical devices (eg glucose monitor, pacemakers)9615.46
Cell towers518.21
Something else (Please comment)9314.98
Respondents were allowed to choose more than one answer; totals may not add up to 100%

This week's survey: Do you use Code Coverage tools?

Latest Additions

New articles added

Artificial Intelligence

  (1 votes) by Sander Rossel (updated 3 days ago)
In this article, we create a simple Power App to upload (or delete) images in Dataverse, just like a citizen developer.
  (0 votes) by Sander Rossel (updated 2 days ago)
In this article, we create an Event Hub that Dataverse can send an event to when a new image is uploaded.


  (2 votes) by Sean Ewington (updated 3 days ago)
This is our main hub for our FAQ entries. Everything from how to post articles, how to use our article editor, to membership and reputation.

Hosted Services

  (1 votes) by Marcelo Ricardo de Oliveira (updated 6 days ago)
How to containerize legacy Python app, create an AKS cluster, and deploy it using VS Code
  (1 votes) by Marcelo Ricardo de Oliveira (updated 5 days ago)
How to create a Cosmos DB database, then adapt our app to work with it using the Djongo Mapper and Cosmos DB’s MongoDB API
  (1 votes) by Marcelo Ricardo de Oliveira (updated 4 days ago)
How to start making an app more cloud-native and a demonstration of how to move the legacy app’s functionality into an Azure Serverless Function app


  (9 votes) by Andy Allinger (updated 4 days ago)
Convert audio to image. (Edit the image.) Convert image to music.

Programming Languages

  (5 votes) by Shao Voon Wong (updated 5 days ago)
Incorporate Antimalware scanning in your application
  (0 votes) by john morrison leon (updated 2 days ago)
A more descriptive and tightly scoped cast for numeric conversions. Includes rounding options, overflow checks, a high resilience to coding errors and some special syntactical conveniences.
  (1 votes) by Stefan Yurkevitch (updated 6 days ago)
In this article, we’ll be exploring how to integrate the oneAPI Deep Neural Network (oneDNN) library and the SYCL-based Data Parallel C++ (DPC++) programming language into existing codebases.


  (3 votes) by Bruno Tabbia (updated 17 hours ago)
Creation of a substitution box starting from a key and using it in a direct substitution cipher

Articles updated

Artificial Intelligence

  (16 votes) by KristianEkman (updated 6 days ago)
How to build an AI which plays Backgammon

Desktop Programming

  (2394 votes) by .dan.g. (updated yesterday)
A hierarchical task manager with native XML support for custom reporting
  (9 votes) by Petrov Vladimir (updated 2 days ago)
Masking Texture in OpenGL from Bitmap Image File using Class CImage (just call the File Name)

General Programming

  (10 votes) by Xavier Junqué i de Fortuny (updated 4 days ago)
Polynomials Math Parser and Evaluator in VB.NET

Programming Languages

  (9 votes) by Nick Polyak (updated 1 weeks ago)
This article describes how to test and debug .NET/Avalonia Linux applications using WSL.


  (58 votes) by Jerome Vonk (updated 3 days ago)
Description of cryptographic hashes and practical examples on how to calculate them

New Tips and Tricks added


  (0 votes) by Jackson Jiang (updated yesterday)
Introduction to and development journey of a real-time transcription function

Programming Languages

  (0 votes) by Southmountain (updated 2 days ago)
How to install and register .OCX components for legacy application

New Technical Blogs added


  (0 votes) by PascalLandau (updated 6 days ago)
In the seventh part of this tutorial series on developing PHP on Docker we will setup a CI (Continuous Integration) pipeline to run code quality tools and tests on Github Actions and Gitlab Pipelines..

Programming Languages

  (0 votes) by PascalLandau (updated 6 days ago)
Debugging BigQuery usage

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