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Newsletter - 16 May 2022

Weekly Newsletter (16 May 2022)
Welcome to this week's newsletter from CodeProject.
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Site News

Best Article of April 2022
Winner: Mark Pelf Discussing Alternative Memory Management Strategy for .NET
Winner: Fred Song (Melbourne) Building an Angular 13 Application with .NET 6 (Global Market) - Part 1
Runner-up: Michael Chourdakis Web-Controlling a Win32 App using WebSockets
Runner-up: Steve Hageman Python Fourier Transform Helper Library

Chris Maunder

Weekly Poll Results

Do you use Code Coverage tools?

Survey period: 9 May 2022 to 16 May 2022

A critical tool or an unnecessary critic?

Yes, always344.30
When it makes sense, yes.8310.51
Sometimes. It really depends.668.35
No, never.24230.63
I don't know what a Code Coverage tool is26433.42

This week's survey: On which operating systems are you writing code?

Latest Additions

New articles added

Artificial Intelligence

  (0 votes) by Sander Rossel (updated 6 days ago)
In this article we’ll send the results from the Form Recognizer back to Dataverse so we can use them in our Power App.

Desktop Programming

  (1 votes) by Ștefan-Mihai MOGA (updated 2 days ago)
An alternative Windows version to the famous Total Commander!

Internet of Things

  (3 votes) by Jan Dolinay (updated 6 days ago)
DIY docking station for Raspberry Pi 400 with battery, real-time clock and a widget to show battery status
  (3 votes) by honey the codewitch (updated 6 days ago)
Explore some streaming techniques while getting your shiny new ESP32S3 to do some USB and MIDI tricks

Programming Languages

  (12 votes) by Mark Pelf (updated 6 days ago)
In this article, we build a practical reusable Logging Proxy in C#
  (3 votes) by Sergiu Oprea (updated 4 days ago)
This article is a hands-on look at using the Intel oneAPI DPC++/C++ Compiler for compiling SYCL code built for cross-architecture deployment.

Articles updated

Programming Languages

  (52 votes) by Keith Barrett (updated 5 days ago)
A C# library for use in physics and engineering calculations

Web Development

  (21 votes) by Evoluteur (updated 4 days ago)
Generic REST or GraphQL endpoints for CRUD and more, written in JavaScript, using Node.js, Express, and PostgreSQL
  (13 votes) by Fred Song (Melbourne) (updated 6 days ago)
Build a simple finance application with Angular 13 and .NET 6

New Tips and Tricks added

Artificial Intelligence

  (2 votes) by Jackson Jiang (updated 5 days ago)
A walkthrough on how to develop a translation function for an e-book reader

Internet of Things

  (0 votes) by honey the codewitch (updated 15 hours ago)
Detect when your SD card gets removed and recover gracefully, even without a card change pin.

Programming Languages

  (4 votes) by Xavier Junqué i de Fortuny (updated 2 days ago)
Converts a MathML coded string into a plain text string
  (0 votes) by Southmountain (updated 6 days ago)
How to install and register .OCX components for legacy application

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