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Newsletter - 13 May 2024

💾 Weekly Newsletter (13 May 2024)
Welcome to this week's newsletter from ContentLab.
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Latest Additions

New articles added

Desktop Programming

  (0 votes) by vickyqu115 (updated 3 days ago)
A comprehensive guide on identifying issues with the standard WPF DatePicker, exploring its design and interaction intricacies, and introducing a new implementation using a CustomControl named SmartDate.


  (1 votes) by Zijian (updated 6 days ago)
Learn to use EventSourceDB through Unit Testing on xUnit.NET

General Programming

  (2 votes) by FormerBIOSGuy (updated 5 days ago)
This article describes a set of batch, AWK, and PostScript files that together allow you to create personalized, 12-page PDF calendars for some year.
  (0 votes) by Pavel Bashkardin (updated 9 hours ago)
Management of cryptographic activation keys to protect your application

Internet of Things

  (0 votes) by honey the codewitch (updated 4 days ago)
Explore my user interface library with an example of an Internet enabled clock

Programming Languages

  (9 votes) by Nick Polyak (updated 4 days ago)
I demonstrate the samples adding gRPC capabilities to Kestrel ASP.NET server and testing gRPC services with various clients.
  (1 votes) by GameDevMadeEasy (updated 5 days ago)
Rule Systems and How they work with Games.
  (0 votes) by Shao Voon Wong (updated 2 hours ago)
C++ Multithreaded Count Benchmark using Visual C++, G++ and Clang


  (0 votes) by Zijian (updated yesterday)
Share Identity Bear Tokens among Distributed ASP.NET Core Web APIs

Web Development

  (1 votes) by Rudi Breedenraedt (updated 6 days ago)
In this series, we will see how to build interactive web applications in ASP.NET Core with the help of Sircl.
  (0 votes) by raddevus (updated yesterday)
Learn to use SignalR to asynchronously update all web clients in real-time using SignalR broadcasts.

Articles updated

Artificial Intelligence

  (14 votes) by Higty (updated 22 hours ago)
C# OpenAI library Assitants, ChatCompletion, FineTuning, ImageGeneration and more

Desktop Programming

  (22 votes) by (updated 5 days ago)
This article and the demo are about getting started using the MVVM Toolkit and some self-created interfaces / services for MessageBox and some dialogs.
  (1 votes) by (updated 3 days ago)
Use docking framework, MVVM Toolkit and some features

Game Development

  (118 votes) by EgorYusov (updated 6 days ago)
This article introduces Diligent Engine, a modern cross-platform graphics API abstraction library and rendering framework

Programming Languages

  (22 votes) by Shao Voon Wong (updated 6 days ago)
No frills C++ MP3/WMA DirectShow player class


  (4 votes) by Federico Di Marco (updated 4 days ago)
Fededim.Extensions.Configuration.Protected is an improved ConfigurationBuilder which allows partial or full encryption of configuration values stored inside any possible ConfigurationSource and fully integrated in the ASP.NET Core architecture using Data Protection API.

Web Development

  (12 votes) by Fred Song (Melbourne) (updated 6 days ago)
A responsive React frontend interacts in real-time with a .NET 8 Minimal API backend to dynamically display and manage state transitions for a simulated traffic light system.

New Tips and Tricks added


  (1 votes) by Yahya Mohammed Ammouri (updated 5 days ago)
Fix the issue of Buttons disappearing from Ribbon Workbench Dynamic 365

Internet of Things

  (0 votes) by honey the codewitch (updated 3 days ago)
Get location information based on your IP address using an ESP32 and

Programming Languages

  (1 votes) by GameDevMadeEasy (updated 6 days ago)
Overview and implementation of State Validation in Javascript
  (0 votes) by Destiny777 (updated 5 days ago)
Read a standard Windows Text File character by character

New Technical Blogs added


  (0 votes) by Jason Sultana (updated 6 days ago)
This article discusses Cross Site Scripting (XSS), and focuses on stored and unstored XSS attacks.

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