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Brian L Hughes - Professional Profile


I started with Basic in 1976 at WWSC, a summer session for high school students. My father bought a TI-994 and continued with Basic and branched out to Assembler. I bought an Atari ST and went straight to Assembler, loved those 24 bit address registers on the 68000.

Meanwhile at work I was coding in GCOS Assembler and COBOL and moved to "C" and Oracle SQL admin. Moved to different office and had to work with the Focus hierarchy database system but quickly got to re-write it in Visual Basic 3.0 and Sybase SQL. Moved to Visual Basic 6.0 and then into VB.Net, also moved to Microsoft SQL. That's basically it, retired a few years ago.

I didn't have control over what we used at work. At Sybase database admin class I was literally laughed at when I announced we were running Sybase on Novell, yes it was that bad, had to reboot it once day or it'd do it for you at inopportune times.


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