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Studies at the University of applied Sciences Hamburg
Degree: Dipl.-Ing. Mechanical Engineering Design and Construction
Software Development Experiences: F77, C, C++, tcl/tk in Studies, practical work while writing papers, and my dissertation and while working at debis Systemhaus GmbH (now T-Systems)


Employed at Siemens PLM Software (Siemens Industry Software (Germany)) (former part of Unigraphics Solutions, UGS The EDS Company, UGS PLM Solutions, EDS, ...)
Employed as Advanced Software Engineer
Experiences in C, C++, VB, tcl/tk, OpenGL, X11, MOTIF, and MFC.

Sphere of work was at the beginning data transfer between engineering or CA systems like CAD systems UG NX and CATIA V5 and the press line/stamping simulation system (PLS PressLineSimulation) - transfer of design and construction results into and of simulation results out of.

Then the sphere of work changed to the maintenance and development of the milling/turning simulation software RealNC (former sold from Tecnomatix) and the creation of "virtual machines" by connecting original machine controls to the simulation software (e.g. the Heidenhain iTNC).

Currently I work as C++ core developer for the Tecnomatix product Plant Simulation ( This product is an object orientated and very variable simulation environment for material and information flow simulation, with support for energy consumption simulation.
My main work areas have been the internationalization, introduction of Unicode and UTF-8, in the UI, the data model and our application internal programming language SimTalk and its editor, the change of the UI from classical menu and toolbar driven user interaction to a Ribbon based UI.



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