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Doing this stuff for nearly 40 years now. Lots of GUIs, drivers, services, all starting on Windows 3.1 all the way through 11 with some CE / Windows Mobile thrown in way back when. I've been doing Android in addition to Windows for over 10 years. My stuff has all been one-of-a-kind for various external customers and in-house use, nothing commercial. Problem domain is usually data gathering, hardware control, "allow the user to control it easily," and data analysis / manipulation.

Prior MO was to get an assignment of "build us something to do X," create requirements after a huddle with the hardware engineers, get customer approval, and build it. If it took more than 9 months, it was unusual! Now, I'm working on the "same" thing on both Windows and Android -- not true cross platform (except for the C underneath doing data manipulation) but a project that does the same thing on both Windows and Android, and can exchange data between the two platforms. The product runs on a 9 - 12 month release cycle, so it's still mostly the same MO, just now features / enhancements to the same product instead of creating a new product each time.

I work mostly in Windows and Android but I did have a 2.5 year period where I was Linux heavy with the requirement of cross-platform with Embedded Windows XP - a full system from PCI driver through service / daemon to UI. A controller / test bench running on the single-board-computer sitting on a proprietary board with some cutting-edge hardware.


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