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Task-based Source Control

PureCM is a complete Software Configuration Management (SCM) solution to track changes to your source code. PureCM enables task-based development, where file changes are grouped into changesets for better transparency and control. Together with its easy and fast branching, you can increase your productivity by applying agile principles. Keep track of your tasks using PureCM’s integrated issue management, which also supports 3rd party tool integration.

PureCM is available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X and is free for up to two licenses.

PureCM Client Features

- Eclipse and Visual Studio integration
- Cross-platform (Windows/Unix/Macintosh) GUI Client
- Command Line Client
- Common Version Control operations (Checkout, Checkin & Rollback etc.)
- Graphical Differencing of file changes (including MS Word files)
- Graphical Annotation (line-by-line history) of file changes
- Issue (Defect/Change) Management
- Change Review and Approval/Workflow
- Shelving and shared components
- .Net and Java SDK for Issue/Server automation
- Fast TCP/IP server communication working across VPNs/Internet

PureCM Server Features

- CruiseControl.NET and FinalBuilder integration for build automation
- Cross-platform (Windows/Unix/Macintosh)
- Fast, transactional database (no SQL Server licenses required)
- Python Scripting for workflow automation
- Domain Authentication (Windows) enables transparent security
- Certification Authentication/SSL (PKI) for secure Internet access

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