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I received my first computer, an Atari 800 XL, when I was 8 years old in 1981 and discovered BASIC programming.

Following the Atari a couple of years later, I moved to the Commodore 128D, where I started experimenting with assembler. I progressed through IBM XT, AT, and then all models of clones in between up to the latest P4s. I still dabble in x86 assembler, however my primary development environment today is C++ and C# and to a lesser degree now Delphi 7.0.

I have mostly self taught myself, by example and experimentation although I did receive a Bachelor of Applied Computing at the University of Tasmania / Australia to 'get that piece of paper'.

Professionally, I've been in R&D, consulting, management, sysadmin and training roles since the early 90'. Prior to entering IT professionally, I built a custom application for an abattoir in the late 80's entirely in Turbo Pascal 5.5 to track and report on beef production, due for export to Japan.

I now also enjoy using computers for mixing and recording my own music and satisfying my passion for photography.


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