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I started programming in 1988, during my high school days, using GW BASIC & FoxBase+ and on an XT machine. In 1990, i'ved used QBASIC, FoxBase+ and C++ as part of my college class requirements.

Since the start of my career at TMX Philippines, Inc. (i.e. since 1995), I'ved learned and used QBASIC, Visual BASIC, Visual C++ 6, LabVIEW 5, VBA programming on self-study basis to develop automation control systems and machines to simplify the process and increase production output without sacrificing quality. Some of the softwares developed were Auto Fluid dispensing, Auto Electrical Tester, Auto Pcb Sorter, Auto Quartz Sorter, etc...

Since the last quarter of 2006, my job assignment was changed which requires no program development. I'm currently self-studying on how to program in VC++ 2005 Express to keep abreast with the latest programming software.

Ended my service with the very first company I'ved worked with since after college graduation on the last quarter of 2007. Currently been working with NCR since 3rd quarter of 2008 as a Software Developer using VB Script for some projects, VC6/VB6 for legacy projects, Java/JavaScript/AngularJS for mobile projects and ASP.Net/C#/jQuery/Javascript for Web applications development.


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