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Ok, im not a professional, i havent completed any real courses (started a HND!), im completely self taught. Most of my 'work' is more experimentation than product-pushing, getting a good firm grip on things. I like to see if something can be done, if i can do it and how efficiently and effectively. I do have several purposeful projects on the go but nothing yet to share. Im looking forward to posting my first article just as soon as i have something complete enough and worth sharing.

I first became insterested in programming back when we got the first family computer (ye olde 386!) and i found QBASIC (such fun). It wasnt long before i was writing my own graphics & GUI routines and interfacing with sound hardware (i liked my DMA player). It wasnt until around Win98 that i jumped straight into C++ (courtesy of a free Borland IDE with a magazine). That win32 API took some time to get to grips with! I stuck with notepad & free editors for some years, dabbling in a little of everything. Then i discovered .NET (framework 1.1) about a year ago and Visual Studio. C# was like pure joy (not available at your local pharmacist). I've been with version 2.0 for most of my .NET time and love it (mostly). Looking forward to exploring the goodies in version 3! (strike that; version 2.5 or wotever, they should have stuck with WinFX!)


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