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Dell said return to the office or else—nearly half of workers chose “or else”
Maybe they should try double dog daring them to come to the office?
Industry News Ars Technica 24 Jun 2024 0
Industry News The Register 24 Jun 2024 0
AI companies are reportedly still scraping websites despite protocols meant to block them
If they're ignoring the robots, maybe we should send the robots after them?
Industry News Engadget 24 Jun 2024 0
Industry News Tom's Hardware 24 Jun 2024 0
Developer News Stack Overflow 24 Jun 2024 0
Developer News Ars Technica 24 Jun 2024 0
The prototype's language
Why use a language everyone knows, when you can just slap something together and run with it?
Developer News Money in Transit 24 Jun 2024 0
Programmers should never trust anyone, not even themselves
Or people that write articles (or post them in a newsletter)
Developer News Carbon Steel 24 Jun 2024 0
Be careful how you turn off your PC
Standby considered harmful
Hot Threads CodeProject 24 Jun 2024 9
MicroSD cards...suitable for a wallet?
Is that data in your pocket, or are you just glad to see me?
Hot Threads CodeProject 24 Jun 2024 10
Science And Technology IFL Science 24 Jun 2024 0
Starlink Mini brings space internet to backpackers
Because you never know where you'll be when you need to access CodeProject
Science And Technology The Verge 24 Jun 2024 0
Industry News The Verge 21 Jun 2024 6,388
Bad news — many of today's top passwords can be brute force cracked in less than an hour
So don't bother using a hard one - they'll never expect you to use an easy one!
Industry News Tech Radar 21 Jun 2024 3,659
Industry News Reuters 21 Jun 2024 1,783
Smart home devices are spying on us, Amazon & Google top the 'data-hungry charts': Report
Who would have thought that devices designed to spy on us are spying on us?
Industry News MSN 21 Jun 2024 3,339
Developer News Shift Mag 21 Jun 2024 1,157
ExectOS Operating System
Is this The Year of ExectOS?
Developer News ExectOS 21 Jun 2024 3,148
Remote workers put corporate data at risk
*Workers* put corporate data at risk. The remote ones just do it in their pyjamas
Developer News Beta News 21 Jun 2024 1,411
Developer News Visual Studio 21 Jun 2024 1,588
Hot Threads CodeProject 21 Jun 2024 1,436
Hot Threads CodeProject 21 Jun 2024 2,013
Using Phi-3 & C# with ONNX for text and vision samples
The combination of Small Language Models (SLMs) and ONNX, is a game-changer in AI interoperability.
Tips and Tools .NET 21 Jun 2024 354
Apple Developer Academy gets new Artificial Intelligence curriculum
Apple Developer Academy is gaining a new core curriculum to teach students about taking advantage of artificial intelligence, available across 18 academies in 6 countries.
Tips and Tools Apple Insider 21 Jun 2024 56

Page 1 of 2,711