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Industry News ZDNet 28 Jun 2022 1,219
Take it from a software engineer: Big tech's monopoly is stifling innovation
And as you all know: software engineers are always correct
Industry News Newsweek 28 Jun 2022 1,012
Sneak peek and edit your code while you search
Those we found we fixed, what we didn't find, we kept.
Developer News Visual Studio blog 28 Jun 2022 699
DevOps is a failure
Let's give it a new name and try again
Developer News Lee Briggs 28 Jun 2022 1,991
Developer News C++ team 28 Jun 2022 837
Google looks to reduce pushback bias in developers' software code review
Because the only way people are going to know that's my code is if I sign it
Developer News ZDNet 28 Jun 2022 1,438
This week's survey
Whichever language the AI is asking for?
Hot Threads CodeProject 28 Jun 2022 505
What will a Chromium-only Web look like?
Many argue that browser engine diversity is the backbone of the open Web – assuring not only interoperability and user choice but also a bulwark protecting the Web from centralization.
Tips and Tools Mark Nottingham 28 Jun 2022 51
Precise Timing With Web Animations API
In JavaScript, it’s natural to reach for timers when something is to happen on time. But when something is to happen at the exact moment because other things depend on it, you quickly learn timers are more of a problem than a solution. They are never on time, really. Web Animations API could eliminate the need for timers in certain cases while being precise.
Tips and Tools Smashing magazine 28 Jun 2022 26
Incremental ASP.NET Migration Tooling Preview 2
The updated tooling includes improvements to the code generated by the Visual Studio extension, additional System.Web surface area in the adapter library, and the ability to share authentication between the ASP.NET and ASP.NET Core apps so that users only have to log in once even if their browsing experience involves endpoints served by both the old and new apps.
Tips and Tools .NET blog 28 Jun 2022 25
Angular 14 Brings So Much
Angular 14 has something for everyone. Let’s dive in to this community-driven update!
Tips and Tools Telerik 28 Jun 2022 70
Blazor Posts Biggest Gain in WebAssembly Usage: Report
That's one takeaway from the second consecutive "State of WebAssembly" report just published by UK-based software consultancy Scott Logic.
Tips and Tools Visual Studio magazine 28 Jun 2022 112
Ecma International approves ECMAScript 2022: What’s new?
On 22 June 2022, the 123nd Ecma General Assembly approved the ECMAScript 2022 language specification, which means that it’s officially a standard now.
Tips and Tools 2ality 28 Jun 2022 52
Debug the web in 3D with the 3D View tool
Microsoft Edge DevTools has had a 3D View tool for some time already, and it’s a really great way to visualize how web pages are constructed.
Tips and Tools MS Edge Developer 28 Jun 2022 59
NASA wants nuclear reactor on the Moon by 2030
Careful - those things have been known to explode and throw the moon hurtling through space
Science And Technology The Register 28 Jun 2022 863
Science And Technology Ars Technica 28 Jun 2022 1,214
Clever phishing method bypasses MFA using Microsoft WebView2 apps
Microsoft browsers: creating new tools for hackers since 1995
Industry News Bleeping Computer 27 Jun 2022 1,781
Senator posts cryptocurrency bill on GitHub, chaos ensues
Can they rebase the US government and start over?
Industry News The Verge 27 Jun 2022 2,701
Optional updates confirm Windows 10 22H2 is coming
The last version of Windows gets a new version
Industry News Neowin 27 Jun 2022 1,582
Tips for securing Windows with PowerShell... courtesy of the NSA
Because if you want to secure your computer, ask the people that want to get in
Industry News Beta News 27 Jun 2022 2,442
Coding forces you to understand the problem
I'll take "Wishful thinking" for $200, Alex
Developer News Swizec Teller 27 Jun 2022 1,522
Usage first, implementation after: A principle of software development
"I don't care how you do it—just get it done"
Developer News Fluent C++ 27 Jun 2022 2,395
Developer News The Register 27 Jun 2022 1,515
"Google" programmers. How one idiot hired a couple more idiots
If it wasn't meant to be copied, why is it on the internet?
Developer News PVS Studio 27 Jun 2022 3,824

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