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HP printer software turns up uninvited on Windows systems
That HP printer must be around. Have you looked everywhere?
Industry News The Register 1 Dec 2023 2,461
Industry News Engadget 1 Dec 2023 3,692
Industry News Windows Central 1 Dec 2023 2,072
Demand for developers remains high
That code isn't going to write itself (if you don't count the CoPilots etc.)
Developer News Beta News 1 Dec 2023 2,068
My favorite features in Visual Studio 17.8
Not mine, his. But you get the idea?
Developer News Visual Studio 1 Dec 2023 4,411
Developer News .NET 1 Dec 2023 1,688
Hot Threads CodeProject 1 Dec 2023 1,328
Learn ML
To become an expert in machine learning, you first need a strong foundation in four learning areas: coding, math, ML theory, and how to build your own ML project from start to finish.
Tips and Tools Tensorflow 1 Dec 2023 233
Microsoft opens sources ThreadX under MIT license
The 'Azure RTOS' used in millions of Raspberry Pis is now FOSS
Tips and Tools The Register 1 Dec 2023 260
AWS Clean Rooms ML lets companies securely collaborate on AI
Called Clean Rooms ML — an offshoot of AWS’ existing Clean Rooms product — the service removes the need for AWS customers to share proprietary data with their outside partners to build, train and deploy AI models.
Tips and Tools Techcrunch 1 Dec 2023 100
How to Use the Automated Machine Learning API With ML.NET
Continuing our ML.NET series, we will take a closer look at the Machine Learning API With ML.NET.
Tips and Tools CodeMaze 1 Dec 2023 185
New Amazon Lex AI features aim to let developers quickly build, enhance bots
Amazon has added generative AI capabilities to Lex, its chatbot development tool.
Tips and Tools Infoworld 1 Dec 2023 96
Announcing ML.NET 3.0
Deep Learning scenarios were substantially expanded in this release with new capabilities in Object Detection, Named Entity Recognition, and Question Answering.
Tips and Tools .NET 1 Dec 2023 338
The Power of Prompting
We published an exploration of the power of prompting strategies that demonstrates how the generalist GPT-4 model can perform as a specialist on medical challenge problem benchmarks.
Tips and Tools Microsoft Research 1 Dec 2023 162
Science And Technology Ars Technica 1 Dec 2023 1,557
Science And Technology Gizmodo 1 Dec 2023 1,987
Amazon unleashes Q, an AI assistant for the workplace
"If I ask a very simple question, do you think you might be able to answer it without it troubling your intellect too much?"
Industry News Ars Technica 30 Nov 2023 1,955
Industry News TechRepublic 30 Nov 2023 1,699
Bad Bots Account for 73% of Internet Traffic: Analysis
But I promise you that I'm a good bot
Industry News Security Week 30 Nov 2023 2,037
The King has returned!
Developer News BBC BASIC 30 Nov 2023 3,878
Primary constructors has caused concerns for C# developers
Secondary constructors still considered acceptable
Developer News RoundTheCode 30 Nov 2023 4,262
Write your Git commits with GitHub Copilot
For those that need an AI to write, "code change"
Developer News Visual Studio 30 Nov 2023 1,603
Developer News The Register 30 Nov 2023 3,813
How to make thing more complicated for nothing...
Do you need a reason to make things more complicated than they need to be?
Hot Threads CodeProject 30 Nov 2023 1,433

Page 1 of 2,622